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The Hippies Saved Physics

The true story of a band of hippie-physicists at Berkeley in the 1970s. Frustrated by Cold War-driven, shut-up-and-calculate physics, these braniacs form the Fundamental Fysiks Group and conduct bong-filled, LSD-laced studies that end up helping to legitimize the maligned field of quantum mechanics and spark today’s multi-billion-dollar quantum encryption industry. A Beautiful Mind meets Dazed and Confused. The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything meet Boogie Nights. This is a pivotal, little-known "moment" in scientific history, against a human tale that's colorful, to say the least. It's based on a book (we hold the option) by MIT physicist David Kaiser, who says, "From today's vantage point, it may seem shocking that anything of lasting value could have come from the hothouse of psychedelic drugs, transcendental meditation, consciousness expansion, psychic mind-reading, and spiritual seances. History can be funny that way."