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In The Heat Of It: A Noir Parody (Log-Line)(Script Upon Request)

A feature-length comedy that everyone around the world needs right now.

Genre: Mystery/Comedy (Golden Age Hollywood Parody)

Naked Gun Meets LA Confidential by way of Hitchcock

Logline: Golden-age noir meets golden-age parody in this pulpy mystery flick. When a grizzled Private Investigator is hired to look for a young woman’s missing mobster husband, he's sent into a winding pratfall through the city’s underground world of crime. Brought to you by Big Smokie Menthol Cigarettes.

Following in the tradition of other great noir movies, In The Heat Of It takes us on journey of lust, passion, and murder. It’s a tale of smart-talking seduction mixed in with deadly humor, mysterious deaths, surreal imagery and perilous romance. With a caliber of parody unseen this last decade.