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Blast from the Past - Crime-Thriller feature

A distraught, young man seeks revenge on a serial killer who killed his last living relative but discovers he’s estranged from his father who’s the Police Captain that killed the young man’s parents 18 years ago.

Fino Ricci, a distraught, young man orphaned 18 years ago and taken in by his grandparents, witnesses his grandfather’s, Orso Ricci, fatal shooting. The police seem incompetent in catching the killer, Marcus Jackson, who goes on a killing spree.

The young man’s plan of revenge does not sit well with his fiance, Sarah Trane, nor his mentor, Diego Rodriguez. They try to talk him out of revenge and let the police handle it. He doesn’t listen. After a couple of chases through Brooklyn, Fino still cannot bring Marcus to swift justice.

Time after time, Marcus eludes Fino’s attacks, who almost gets killed in the process. The police are closing in on the identity of the killer who’s still committing homicides, armed robbery, and rape.

Meanwhile, the investigating detective, Jerome Miller, works with Fino to find the killer, against his better judgment. But, through Fino’s dream, his long-dead grandmother, Mima, reveals a name. Jerome’s Police Captain, Frank Jackson.

Police Captain Jackson recognizes Diego after he visits Detective Miller in the police station talking about Fino’s parent's murder. Diego knew something was wrong with Frank’s story but couldn’t prove anything.

After doing some digging, Jerome discovers Frank, a detective at the time, discovered the murder of Fino’s parents committed by a serial killer, 18 years ago. Today’s serial killer is recognized by Jerome as none other than Frank’s estranged son. Jerome informs Frank and Franks asks him to wait for 48 hrs before calling in the FBI.

Marcus sends his old gang members after Fino. However, Fino is able to avoid the gang when they visit his house to do a drive-by.

Diego is gunned down in his home by a mysterious shotgun killer. Jerome thinks a shotgun was used to implicate the serial killer, Marcus. However, he suspects that it wasn’t Marcus but Frank. Frank acted very suspicious asking lots of questions about why Diego visited the detective earlier.

In a final showdown, Sarah Trane, Fino’s fiance, is kidnapped by Marcus and challenges Fino to come alone if he wants to see his fiance alive. Meanwhile, Jerome sneaks into Frank’s office looking for proof and finds it, but gets caught. Fino battles Marcus to save his fiance. Jerome battles Frank after discovering he murdered Fino’s parents 18 years ago and the serial killer was just a cover-up. In the end, both killers are brought to justice. Later on, Fino with Sarah and a new baby girl makes peace with himself and the death of his family.