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Deepening the Divide, a fast-pace thriller

Radicalized by talk radio, an Alt-Right group living in a remote desert town mistake a diverse film crew scouting locations for government agents come to spy on them, and decide to take a stand against the encroaching forces of tyranny.

A fast-paced thriller dealing with our ever increasingly polarized society, "Deepening the Divide" is like "Green Room" meets "Race with the Devil". Chad Michael is an angry young right-wing ideologue. He sees the US changing, leaving people like him behind. An increasingly diverse and liberal land that has no place for "good, decent Christians". His fears and paranoia are reinforced by Fisher Douglas, a right-wing talk radio host. Pam is a left-wing idealist. A Caucasian woman engaged to an African American filmmaker, Theo, Pam sees the country finally moving in the right direction, but she remains fearful of what she sees as the rising hate on the right. Concerns which are echoed by Yvonne Moore, a left-wing pundit, and Fisher Douglas's polar opposite. Both preach the other side is to blame for the rising violence and hate. The deepening division.

Pam and Chad Michael are put on a collision course when Theo and his partner, Mohammed Quraishi, land a job filming a documentary, a job which brings them, the executive producer Marcie Eidleberg, and her openly gay assistant Joel Schwartz, to Chad Michael's hometown. When Chad Michael and his militia learn a Jew has rented rooms at the local motel, they are instantly suspicious. Convinced they are government agents come to spy on them, or worse, the group springs into action. When Pam, Theo, Mohammed, and Marcie go explore the ghost towns, Roberta and Scott, Chad Michael's mother and brother, kidnap Joel. Roberta and Logan, another militia member, torture Joel, trying to force him to talk. When Roberta and Logan step outside, Scott, who is secretly gay and has fallen for Joel, helps Joel escape, but the well-armed militia is hot on their tail and closing fast.

Meanwhile, Chad Michael has slashed Marcie's tires, stranding the group. Trapped in a remote ghost town, hundreds of miles from civilization, no cell service, no weapons, nowhere to run, and an unseen gunman trying to kill them, Pam, Theo, Mohamed, and Marcie must make a final stand. Fight against a better armed, better-trained enemy. Chad Michael manages to kill Mohamed and wound Theo before Pam takes him out.

Stabbing him to death with a broken piece of glass.

A final confrontation leads to crimes that shock the nation. Yvonne rallies against the violent, right-wing extremists who, without provocation, attacked a group of innocent tourists. Fisher warns his viewers that this is just another "false flag" attack designed by the liberal elites to falsely paint conservatives as the bad guys. Scapegoats. Boogeymen who can make liberals feel better about themselves as they destroy everything that is right and good with our country.

Fisher and Yvonne are summoned to their bosses office, David Frischmann, the NSA Director of Domestic Disinformation. The numbers are in and, once again, Fisher and Yvonne's shows are number one. As they are toasting their success, they get the news a shooting has occurred at a mall. One suspect is dead, one on the run, and, best of all, they are Muslims. Rating's gold.

Re: Deepening the Divide, a fast-pace thriller

Wonder if this is too close to that movie they just had to pull? The one where the right wingers were being hunted.