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Logline - paranormal horror script, THE VISITOR

LOGLINE: A boy living in Chicago’s inner-city is attacked by a poltergeist in 1987, but it’s not until adulthood that he discovers a mysterious gateway into the spirit world where he must try to stop the dark entity from ever terrifying the living and the dead again!

SYNOPSIS: Official Selection for the 2019 Underground Indie Film Festival (Horror Cult Sci-Fi Fantasy) and the 2019 Hollywood Horror Fest.

Vicki and her pre-teen sons, Luis and Angel, move to Chicago from Puerto Rico in the mid-80's. Vicki and her new-found fiance, William, feel the boys have a better chance for education and economic opportunities in Chicago, even though she can't yet afford to move the family to a safer part of town. Vicki's doing great at preventing her sons from being lured into the violent south side inner-city gangs when suddenly she faces a more frightening menace to her children--a dark spirit tormenting them which she can't seem to stop.

Engaging the help of their local pastor, the police and even a woman claiming to have special powers to protect them, Vicki does everything she can to regain some peace. The problem is, no one seems to understand what exactly their trying to fight off, so despite their various efforts to suppress the paranormal menace, the dark entity continues to terrorize the family! However, when Luis, who was the primary target, becomes an adult, he puts together the pieces of his past with a present revelation which gives him the clues he needs to enter the spirit world through a mysterious gateway. But if he gets in, can he extinguish the poltergeist? Worse, can Luis get out?