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Logline - Murder mystery/magical realism feature


LOGLINE - Inanimate teddy bears fall witness to their humans' alarming lives when Kelly, who suffered childhood psychological abuse, struggles to care for her anxiety-ridden sister while finding a romantic partner in Mark, a man Kelly's FBI agent friend implicates in a gruesome cold case.

SYNOPSIS - What if our household teddy bears had thoughts and opinions about what they see us doing in our lives? Well, the plush toys in this thriller get more of an eyeful than most! Two sisters are making their way out of a traumatizing childhood, barely armed to handle young adulthood on their own. Before Kelly and Tori Donovan have a chance to build emotional and mental foundations for themselves, they face terrifying challenges including one's acute mental illness, the other's boyfriend who isn't who he seems, and several unsolved local murders, one of which bleeds directly into their lives.

The traumatized women try to find strength and confidence from one another as they navigate a frightening series of events. While the sisters’ dear friend Chloe Stogdon is a force to be reckoned with, she’s a new FBI agent swamped with a stack of cold cases to re-open and investigate. Chloe finds herself stuck in a tug-o-war between holding on to her dream job and protecting her friends. It becomes especially difficult when a gruesome cold case leads Chloe right to Kelly and Mark. Can any of the women ever have a “normal” life?

Would likely be rated R for violence, adult themes and sexual situations.