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The Magic Detection Agency - modern fantasy

One hour TV show, a contemporary fantasy set in modern day New York. Four episodes written, ten planned for season one. The initial story is serial, but has the potential for non-serialization in future seasons.

Logline - Teen New York thief Karen Jenkins discovers a hidden society of magic users which is waging war with a parallel world accessed through a magic mirror.

Short Synopsis - Magic is real. Karen Jenkins didn't believe it was, but now she has no choice. She used to be a thief in New York City. One night on the job she saw something amazing in a mirror and her life changed forever. Now she is caught up in a crazy adventure with a secret society of magic users - the so-called Magic Detection Agency - as they wage a war with a parallel world that is on the other side of the mirror. There is danger around every corner as Karen and her new friends are confronted with evil creatures and other magic users that will do anything to stop them. At stake is the domination of the world on the other side of the mirror.