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adaptation possibilities of my Christian books and plays

Though i have the following previously-published Christian titles republished, they are available for possible adaptations. See below their synopses and corresponding links

God's Love Towards His People

"God's Love Towards His People" is a collection of two Christian short stories: "Back to God" and "I Have Found God's Love" The stories showcase the infinite greatness of God's love to His children, and by extension, the people of the world through Christ Jesus (John 3:16).


The Christian Matrix
The array of 'Christ-friendly' stories that bring about the determinant known as The Christian Matrix…From children to adults, the stories told not only reflect the ordeals of Christians but also people of the secular world.

The Christian Matrix is a collection of short stories intended to entertain readers from all ages (not only Christian readers) to enjoy the stories contained therein and see Christ in a different light - the lover of those who diligently seek him.

Saved By His Grace (a play and story)

It is a fusion of a play and fiction. It narrates the sermon, in the form of testimony, made by Reverend Xhosa whose life was transformed from being a menace to society to God's chosen vessel. His message and testimony, 'Saved By His Grace', was in great demand in Atlanta, USA, the UK, Nigeria and South Africa. However, the devil sought his downfall by using his friend-turn-foe, the co-founder of Fountain of Truth Church, Pastor Bode Cole. This co-founder used the weakness of Dan, his only son, to take him out of the leadership sphere of the church so that he could take charge. Dan's fornication, though took Rev. Xhosa out of the church leadership, his consequent trials and temptations and that of his son was overcome because they were eventually saved by His grace...

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1684112575/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i8

Christian Plays

Title: What Are We Leaving Behind? (A Play)


James is worried about the discrepancy of his income not meeting up
with his expenses. Johnson, though unemployed, is appreciative of his
situation. Alex is employed and doing well but he's not fulfilled; he
is concerned if this would be what he'd leave behind.

Anita, Esther and Sylvia are at logger heads with each because the
world's influence is affecting their belief in Christ. Will James find
a last solution to his predicament? Will the ladies find succor in the
word of God?

The play, ''What Are We Leaving Behind'' tells us how the affairs of
the world system tends to creep into the minds, through thoughts and
actions, of young Christians but avails them the opportunity to stand
strong in faith, despite their familiarity with the things going on in
the world they live in.

Are You Saved? (Yes I Am)


Venue: The Multi-purpose Hall of The Fountain of Truth Church,
Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Venue of the Three-day 6th Annual Meeting (Day
Three )

Margaret Hare, the ''last'' testifier, brings to Rev. Michael Xhosa's
remembrance is past deed---raping her and her younger sister while in
Zimbabwe. He is almost losing composure in the presence of the entire
congregation but God makes use of the programs Anchor to divinely
inspire him to the reality of who he is... in the light of God's word.

His confidence is gained and his ''unusual'' sermon
begins.Interestingly, Margeret Hare's testimony becomes the
inspiration behind his unusual sermon: 'Are You Saved? (Yes, I Am)'

Margaret Hare's heartfelt testimony is bringing to questioning Rev.
Michael Xhosa's salvation, in relation to his evil past: Are You
Saved? A question he has to answer evidently...in the presence of his


David is in the business of regularly beating up Sylvia black and blue and asserting derogatory words at her. Anita’s counsel isn’t helping matters either, as Sylvia contends with her advice. However, Johnson’s uncompromising words are targeted towards David turning a new leaf towards his wife. Tom and Michelle are the obviously not happy with their dad’s behavior.

It comes to a time when David would have to give up the habit of abusing Sylvia and become a role model to his children---On Mother’s Day---a point where reconciliation is inevitable.

The three Christian plays are contracted for book publishing rights only.

The other books are being republished (for worldwide publishing RIGHTS ONLY)