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The Elevator (Logline)

Five people get on an elevator in the present day and get brought back in time to 1943 where they become stranded.

Re: The Elevator (Logline)

Sounds like an episode from The Twilight Zone BUT it has potential IF we can be convinced that these people in the elevator are truly experiencing some phenomenon AND is there a point for this "time travel". Perhaps one in the Elevator was planning on getting married the next day?...Also, How good is your story structure when they arrive in 1943 as to how they adapt in that time era? You run the risk of being a thinly copy cat of Back to the Future UNLESS you have a solid story and reason as to why an Elevator can transport someone back in time without it being some imaginary journey AND do not leave the audience hanging like the film Yesterday where this unusual phenomenon happens and we go along and are duped because we never get told why or how
the phenomenon happened. It ruined a possible very good movie. Good luck with your RE-writing.