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Science Fiction, Low Budget, Character Driven, no special effects

This is a sci-fi story about aliens, fluctuating timelines, and a mischievous black and white llama (FYI the animal kind, not the spiritual guide which is spelled with only one L), with the power to heal others, and heal the timeline. The llama (who suffers from mild ADD) gets into trouble and ceases to exist, until her friend "Symphony" from another dimension, brings her back into existence by crossing the timelines.

This story is character driven, a great vehicle for actors with depth and emotional control as the arc of each character brings about a healing to the timeline they exist on, and to the other timelines as a consequence of the changes and choices they make.

Some pivotal scenes take place in a dingy bar in another dimension where an alien guitar playing poet searches for the meaning of his life, and recites poetry from other dimensions, as well as from his own writings.

Another pivotal scene takes place in the deserts of Route 66, Arizona, Earth, where Lucy, a waitress, is stalked by some local hoodlums after they discover she is alone on her ranch for a week. An elder Native American man arrives to offer some mystical assistance.

A third pivotal scene involves a humanoid on another planet who has volunteered to be micro chipped in his hand in order to save his family from poverty, only to discover that they have all become slaves to a system of lies.

The story weaves in and out of the timelines and the story arcs, leading to a healing at the end which unites all 3 timelines in a mystical ending.

Actors who are Producers, this is your vehicle to delve deep into the psyche and heal the universe! Well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: maybe just a really fun film with heart and soul.

Re: Science Fiction, Low Budget, Character Driven, no special effects

That sounds like a fantastic story --- I'd like to offer you a production deal right away... (oops, can they see that I'm responding to my own post??)