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screenplay submissions

GENRE: Crime, Action.
LOGLINE: The main character and his small-time criminal’s friends attempt to rob a lawyer's safe, but it backfires when the lawyer's drug dealing cohorts and the police show up.

Re: screenplay submissions

Title His Name is Jake

Jake a man of mystery, a loner walks in the garden deep in thought. Jake always kept to himself, never talked about where he came from. He had been working for Uncle Trudy for over a year now. Lisa walks up behind Jake startling him. Jake turns around quickly, faces inches from each other. Jake asks what are you doing here? Lisa reaches up and kisses Jake. He pulls away surprised. She kisses him again. Unaware they are being watched from the upstairs bedroom window by Lisa's fiancé Paul.

Paul was abused and molested as a child by his father. This has stirred up some old buried feelings inside him and he vows to make them pay one twisted tragedy at a time.