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From: Zeke Wilson “Same Race Productions”Re: The Eighth Round is currently Seeking, Management, Development, Studio, Distribution, and / or Producers Option. Dear, PRODUCERS I am an American Screenwriter who has recently completed a feature length screenplay that I believe your agency maybe interested in representing. In the year 2000, More than 310,000 Cases were filed with in the United States Federal Court System of them, Nearly 41,000 were Civil Right's cases, However only one of those Civil Right's case was for ' Black on Black Racial Discrimination. Please find a short pitch below for your review.Title: The Eighth RoundGenre:  Sport/Legal DramaLog Line: Wilson vs. McClure was presented to the Federal Court on September 2000.  It was the first case in the U.S. to reach a Federal Court jury to challenge the concept of same race discrimination. Pitch: An inspiring true story about a boxer whose biggest fight happened “outside” of the ring.If this has piqued your interest I’d be happy to send a hard copy or email copy of the feature length screenplay or treatment for your consideration.  I can be contacted via email or phone at your earliest convenience.Zeke Wilson was born in South Carolina in 1957 the same year President Eisenhower passed his civil right's act. Later he became a United States Marine Corps Veteran,Golden Glove winning boxer,Boxing Promoter,Child Counselor,Public Speaker, and Now Published Author of the book titled 'The Eighth Round' about his experiences because. 'Justice in America must be available to all or it is Useful to None.
 Best Regards, Zeke Wilson843-929-9402Sameraceproduction@gmail.com