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Upir - Horror script available

Title - Upir
Genre - Horror
Budget - Low/mid

Father and daughter are trying to escape from their problems by taking a long vacation at a place where the true horror behind an ancient myth will jeopardize not only their lives, but also the soul of the little girl.

Upir is a story for Victor and Gemma. He’s a successful writer struggling to take care for his daughter while his drug addict ex-wife Gloria is trying to get back in their lives. When she takes an overdose and the doctors barely save her, Victor and Gemma decide to leave the big city. They buy a small property in a distant village where the myths are more than just stories and the parent will meet his greatest fear – losing the fight for his daughter. He will be forced to take a journey through a strange rituals and ancient beliefs with the help of his new neighbors while mysterious and terrifying deaths are happening all around the village.