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Box#13 - Thriller script available

Title - BOX#13
Genre - Thriller
Budget - Low/mid

Getting inside the mind of a killer is easy, getting out is the problem!

In the rain of a nameless city, Detective Lennox Burr’s only purpose in life is to find the serial killer who murdered his wife and eight other victims. For years he is obsessed to get inside the killer’s head and to find every small detail for the murders while his nemesis who calls himself J.J. terrifies the city, leaving his victims to suffocate in a glass torture box. The detective is not following orders or protocol and soon faces the killer. Their encounter ends with the death of the killer, but Lennox suffers a serious head injury. When he finally wakes up he is struggling to find the line between his own memories and the sick mind he was trying to sneak in for so long. He also faces the accusations of his colleagues as he failed to find the last abducted victim of the killer. He is thrown to serve a small sentence while a copycat starts to terrorize the city. Getting out of prison Lennox is quickly dragged in the new investigation. This time he is trying to find more than just a killer, he’s searching for the new meaning of his life.