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Ballistics Matter

True story by assassin himself.
True zoological horror JFK assassination by the assassin there on the scene.
The motorcade came to a stop on Elm St. This part edited out of the Zapruder film. Jackie crawled out of the limo she sees where the trouble is coming from a schoolboy who is throwing the eggs at the motorcade none effective.
Police about half dozen in line watch as Jackie perch on the limo proceeds to maneuver a long egg laying what Kennedy's called snorkel to Jackie off larvae on the schoolboy assassin 2 other boys approach the limo to give condolences she snaps at the interuptions squels like some mysterious creature the long tube from from her snatch whips beneath their clothing sliming them with hundreds of inch like larvae one boy human other an imposter dies from them at Bayer Hospital 2 blocks away.
Meantime she address Paul satanic viberations fill the air one can see the waves. Police a half dozen begin to scream out of control then cry for their mothers it's the answer to there ancestory of what's been troubling it.
A gun is held at Paul's head all this time by a police officer who wants to ask him why he did not fire at Jackie when he had her in his sights.
Paul at the meantime swung his rifle resting the butt on his thigh pointed at the police officers head then swings his rifle shoots Jackie in the abdomin the motorcade then speeds off.

Later at the Hospital JFK corps is taken to the autopsy room for Texas Natl Guard Surgeon to perform the autopsy Paul knows JFK is not dead the surgeon soon finds this out also.
Paul states he has a clone buster that will get him out of his hide. Surgeon says no it will half to be my test proven medical device for documentation.
A platoon of Texas guard is there Paul says ok but your gonna be scared and run and cry for your mommy when you see the real JFK.
They all go back to back room then screams are herd the platoon come out running screaming crying for their mother do not bother to open the doors but ran right through them busting them.