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I have also written a film called “Destine to Be” a romantic comedy also attached to this email. ‘Destine to be’ tells the story of two men, Marcus and Dean, who got fired from their job in a call centre and end up involve in a bank heist with old friends. The bank robbery agenda is rushed, yet carefully and methodologically planned. However things go completely and hilariously wrong, with complications from some of the men involve, as they make mistakes and personal circumstances they can’t control steps in the way. In the mist of the disaster the protagonist falls in love with a woman (Shanice) he barely knows, who keeps reoccurring in his life at odd moments like in work, in the bank robbery and in the train station after the heist. To protect he’s true identity from this woman, the protagonist pretends to be a lawyer from Birmingham and as the story unfolds finds out that the woman fiancé is the detective sergeant investigating the heist. The protagonist is kept in the middle between two worlds, his true identity and love for this woman, and the illusion he’s created from the lies he’s told. It is a story of honesty and lies, and a double life. A contest between right and wrong, lust and love. Does love prevail over the mayhem of lies? Does the law catch up with our protagonist and his friends? Please find out the lessons learnt in this enthralling romantic comedy. Joseph Owusu a script reader says, “Funny!” (Wus2k@hotmail.com) James Mensah Professional actor says “I Couldn’t stop laughing” (JPmensah@hotmail.com)