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I wish to send you my script

My Script Teeka The Meerkat Leopard
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am merely looking for an opportunity, I have written an Animation and I have been informed that it is ‘very funny’ by agency Alan Brodie. They wrote, “ Dear Ukeme Ekaette, Thank you for the email. I have read your script for the film and thought it to be very funny. If you keep working hard at what you want to do then I don’t see why you can’t. Many thanks” The animation script I sent to them, is the one I would like to send to you. It is called “Teeka the Meerkat Leopard.”
The animations tells the story of a leopard cub in Congo, whose parents were chased away by two rebel hunters. The cub was left helpless and unable to defend himself between two rocks by the jungle mountain. Curiosity leads the a female Meerkat Nyika to venture to the rocks, after hearing shuffling sounds coming from over there. As she becomes acquaintance with the leopard cub, she instantly falls in love with him and after being warned by the other preys to stay away from the cub she decides to raise him up in secret. Five years later Teeka grows to be a huge beast with huge claws and teethes, however he is innocent and does not know anything about the cycle of life. Teeka sees himself as a meerkat.
One day he decides to walk pass the boundary lines his mother the Meerkat Nyika told him never to cross, as he’s led by the sounds of young monkey playing. Eventually the knowledge that a fully grown leopard is among the preys becomes known to the vegetarian animals. The animals hold a meeting and the leader of the prey animals Wise Sherman decides that Teeka should be taken back to his own kind.
This is where the adventure begins, Zuvan the Okapi, Akila the Ostrich, Java the Aardvark are ordered by Wise Sherman to take Teeka back. As they venture of on their quest, they come across all kinds of dangers and threats, from village warriors with swords and spears. They also are confronted by the same two rebels with rifles and they risk being kidnapped by the animal snatchers, who are city men from America, who want to open a grand arena of a zoo combine with a circus in America.
Teeka the meerkat leopard is funny witty and brilliant for the whole family. Please have a read. I would like to send you the script by email, as it has some songs attached to the scripts. Please note that songs to this animation have no instrumentals yet but will do when accepted.
For my information please contact me on the above contact information. Thank for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours Sincerely

Ukeme Ekaette