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"Athena" - a live-action tribute to anime and classic sci-fi

Log Line: A trio of mercenaries with the aid of a former spy fight a guerrilla war against a cabal intent on global technocracy.

Synopsis: The Rhodium Golems – a group of dogs of war consisting of pilot-cum-computer hacker Vincenzo Corbucci, pragmatic rifleman and ex-Spetsnaz officer Nikolai Rostavili, and Machiavellian medic and former Gendarme Jacques Dubois – uncover a dark secret when they awaken ex-assassin Hiroka Noguchi from cryogenic stasis during a routine scavenging mission. Thanks to the former hitwoman, they learn about a controversial experiment to create the ultimate warrior called Project Athena, in which she and her friend Elsa Lindblom were used as lab rats. Aided by their newfound ally and motivated by honour, the mercenaries travel the globe to find out more about the 5 Elements, a powerful organisation with ties to Project Athena, and to rescue Elsa from whatever fate lies in store for her…

Screenplay Status: Completed and available.

Notes: This is the first half of a two-part story (both parts are self-contained) and is a loose remake of my three-part novel "Scarlet Revolution".