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Want to sell my movie script- "A Father's Dream World"

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Abhijit Sawant, I am from Mumbai,India. I am a sales & marketing professional with 17 years of experience. But last 5 years I started writing on social issues, whatever I observed in the society & the world. Then I published a book at Amazon by name “Journey Towards Birth”. If you type in google you will get my facebook page & links to Amazon. You will find other results like 9 months journey in the stomach of mother. But my thinking is that each & every individual over this earth has to take a conscious birth to do something great in his or her life, that will benefit his or her family with extra income, will benefit his or her kids & future generations. If possible that can contribute to society, can be beneficial to our nature & beautiful world. Our natural birth was un-conscious & that was a pull & push by our mother,doctor & nurses. Everybody has to take a conscious birth at some or the other stage of his or her life in the best interest of family & society. As per me the social work starts within family when any parents give their 110% efforts in their life time, that can give some extra money , property etc for our kids, also top quality education to the kids, can ensure a better & secured future for our kids & future generations, as future is going to be very,very tough. When we give our best for our kids, we help to create a good human being, that good human being is going to form a very good society in future, that good society will take care of our nature & this beautiful world. So indirectly each & everybody become a part of a great social work. This life is our last chance, hence we have to give our best in this lifetime. After our death ,our future generations should take our name with great respect & they should pass on our stories of success to their future generations. We should exit from this world as a special person & not as a normal person.
I have written a movie script & name of my movie is “A Father’s Dream World”. I would like to sale my concept & movie script for a movie production purpose. This movie should work as a light house for the generations to come & will be watched by the kids & people all across the globe for many, many years. I will be showing a glorious future of our world to our kids & future generations. This movie can be an award winning movie.
The movie is divided into two parts as below,
1) Movie starts with a very busy life of common human beings. A family of husband,wife, one daughter & a son. This part displays the kind of life common salaried people live in this world with all the tensions, domestic,official etc. The pressures of repaying homeloans, other loans. Maintaining a balance in personal & professional life. All the bad issues what society is currently facing are shown in this part. Also the actor shows the correct way of living. How we should try to improve our life, how we should live our life. How our society should get away from issues like divorce which is becoming like a cancer to our society. How to take care of our nature & mankind, how we can hand over a secured & beautiful world to our future generations. In short this part of movie shows the people are not living their life but they are just pushing their life.
2) Second part shows the actual dream world of the actor for his kids & future generations. This part shows a very beautiful, glorious future world of the year 2319. This is actually a dream of the family when they sleep in the night. The actor just discuss with his kids the kind of dream world he is expecting for his kids, and they sleep & their actual dream starts. This part is very beautiful which will show a future world which is not less than any heaven over the planet earth. In this dream world all the bad things shown in the world of year 2019 are corrected by human being. This world is of Love, Trust, Peace, Prosperity. A world where mankind is considering itself a big family spread all across this planet earth & this earth is our single home. The human being is taking care of mankind & nature very well. At one point the dream of the family sleeping breaks with the early morning alarm at 6 a.m. The entire family realizes that was a beautiful dream of our future world & they come back to the normal life. The kids ask to father in the morning that our dream world was really beautiful & they would like to go to this dream world, then father tells them with love that if they want to reach to that dream world then they will have to correct today itself to take care of our nature, planet & mankind. And the movie comes to an end. This movie is also having a beautiful song which reflects the message which this movie is trying to deliver to people & kids all around this world. This song can be introduced in the mid of the movie when the kids of the family in this movie are watching this beautiful world.
I think when most of the movies are showing about the past, history, the important ba