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An Agatha Christie-esque TV Mystery

Dear Producer:
I have an old-fashioned Agatha Christie style mystery script looking for a producer. If this is a subject that may be of interest to you, you may want to consider the following information.


This Agatha Christie-esque story starts off with a bizarre, well-thought out murder; leading to a tangled investigation, and culminating in a completely off-the-wall conclusion,

Abbreviated Synopsis:
Murder at the Tides Inn, a quirky, personality plus, rustic, one-of-a-kind pub located on the rugged English Yorkshire coast, connected to the mainland by a rocky walkway. This walkway occasionally gets cutoff from the mainland by the high tide, which is sometimes ill-timed.
Two women are enjoying cocktails on a scenic, tranquil deck. But what happens next is anything but tranquil. A grotesque, green figure shoots up in front of them. A murder – an escape – a baffling mystery - in the blink of an eye.
Police Sergeant Dawn Thompkins and her old friend and schoolmate, Investigative Reporter Elizabeth Thomas-Davies, are reminiscing on the deck about their good times past when all-of-a-sudden Elizabeth is bizarrely murdered at the table, right in front of Thompkins. The murderer in a split-second is gone. Thompkins and her assistant Constable Edward Smythe take chase. But the murder and the escape have been masterly planned. The murderer disappears -
Thompkins and Smythe plunge into a seemly impossible whodunit, following a path of many twists and turns and dead ends. Four main suspects emerge; one of the Tides Inn’s regulars; a past schoolmate of the two women; a steroid crazed bodybuilder; and a cigar smoking suspected human trafficker. The challenge grows for Thompkins and Smythe - and for the viewer - to solve this complex mystery.
Progress is discouraging. Few leads, few answers. Then amazingly, out of the blue, a crazy, unintentional break occurs. The plot is uncovered when one of the murderers triggers the solution by accident, and this clever plot is exposed.

This screenplay is submitted as a stand-alone script, but with the unique pub as an anchor, does lend itself to the possibility of evolving into an enjoyable Agatha Christie-esque series in the future.

If you are interested in obtaining any further information, or the completed script, please let me know. Thank you for your consideration.


Bill Wilke