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Princess Radiant

Hello,Here' the log line of a project am working on. I believe this will interest you:
Princess Radiant, the epitome of beauty of the BeautyKingdom is hypnotized to marry the enemy of her Kingdom only to find herselfgoing through an ordeal she never dreamt of until the man of her dreams finallyshows up to safe her from this nightmare.
Set in 19th century Africa, Princess Radiant is the center of attraction of her Kingdom. From her parents to the citizens, everyone is proud of her. When she gets ripe for marriage her father wants the best for her. Princes from renowned kingdoms come asking her hand in marriage to no avail until she finally falls for the wrong man who happens to be the enemy of her kingdom. He hails from the underworld where he takes her and initiates her into his kingdom and starts using her to fullfill his purposes until one day, heaven smiles on the Princess who finally gets rescued from this horror and gets married to the man of her dreams. Morale: Not all that glitters is gold...Sincerely,