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Eras of Love

Title: The Eras of Love

-A young man, Martin, is troubled internally as he searches to find the love of his life. He discovers different types of love tracing from his teen years and into adulthood, he wonders at what point in his life he may have gone wrong with finding the one. Will Martin meet the love of his life, or give up on his desperate endeavor to settle for loneliness altogether?-

Shyness is a common trait for young Martin. Through his high school years he lives life out of touch with the lusty side that most teenage boys get in that season. This prevents young Martin in discovering the wonderful rewards of not only falling in love, but enjoying the heavenly side that comes with having a relationship. Young Martin's shyness pushes him to live an early life of quiet desperation.

Raymond is one of Martin's best friend, and a great one at that. He knows Martin like the back of his hand. Raymond knows whether Martin has slept with someone, to discovering where Martin hides his porn magazines!

Gus is the quiet intelligent friend of the two. He is the web that keeps the three linked together in their friendship.

The three friends depart when they reach college student status and Martin is forced to face situations which test the strength of his emotions, intelligence, and whether or not the desires of his heart are true enough to make them a reality.

After facing difficulties in college, Martin heads home for a winter break with a heavy heart. He faces lonely holidays as he is surrounded by his immediate family. Martin faces the emptiness of his heart, unable to fulfill the void left in his heart by an ex girlfriend, Autumn.

His two best friends are there for him, but adding to Martin's injury, he is faced with more harsh news that one of his friends is getting married. This only highlights the lonely aspect he currently faces with a broken heart. Martin continues to press through college, eventually meeting another woman who perhaps helps Martin keep it together through the college years of his life.

Truly his academic efforts prove to be adequate since he graduates college and successfully establishes himself in a nice office in charge of research and development for a big company. He seems to have so much going for him since he obtains the car of his dream and a lofty apartment downtown. However, the void of love still lingers in his heart since he comes home to a lonely apartment day after day. Martin still wanders life without paying much attention to what he deeply desires in his heart - love.

Although things seem to be pretty steady, he is faced with hardship news and grieves the passing of his mother. Martin faces more and more setbacks which puts him in a position to ask, what is it all worth? Finally, he faces the truth of having to move on with, not only life but love too. He opens himself to dating again.

Martin meets a young stewardess who agrees to go on a date with Martin. The two speed things up in their newfound relationship and sleep together. The following day, Martin contracts a sexually transmitted disease! He skips work to go to a clinic which harshly administers a shot on his buttocks to alleviate the disease. Again, Martin questions whether dating was for the best of his interest altogether, or would it have been better to just live single? Shortly after, he is fired from work and is forced to find a solution to his now unemployment issue.

Though there is more than meets the eye for young Martin. He seeks professional help of a therapist to help Martin discover the true void of his life. As he backtracks, Martin remembers a terrible night, one of which he attempted to take his own life because of a love facade given by his high school crush. The illusion he faced in his teen years took a toll on Martin, mentally and emotionally which nearly drove him mad. Thankfully, his father was there the night of the near-incident and saved his son from making a regrettable decision.

Martin regains a sense of peace with himself and all the troubles in his life seem to fade away. He is now ready to not only move forward, but also meet the woman of his dreams. As he does, events begin to unfold naturally and to his favor as he rediscovers his personal perspective of love - as well as all the heavenly rewards that come with it.

Martin meets, dates and falls in love with the woman of his dreams, Lisa. As his love life gets better, so does the other areas of his life. Martin and Lisa eventually get married and Martin learns to move on with his life, for the better. The End.

Please email me back if you like what you read and are interested in reading the full script. Thanks again!