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“The Miracle Man” (as seen in “The Secret”)


Logline: The true story of Morris E. Goodman, an iron-willed, self-made business wiz who narrowly escapes death in a paralyzing plane crash, then uses the secrets of his success to beat all odds and expectations to achieve a full recovery.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: As seen in the inspirational documentary smash “The Secret,” Morris Goodman was a successful insurance salesman who crashed an airplane in March, 1981, crushing his spine, leaving him unable to walk, talk, swallow, breathe or move. His doctors believed he would live a short, meaningless life, if he survived at all. But Morris had different plans... Using the same motivational skills he used to succeed in business, Morris calculates the steps he needs to make toward recovery. He sets a goal to walk on his own two feet and be home by Christmas, facing extreme physical, mental, and emotional challenges along the way.

I have been working on this film for a number of years. It is primarily based on Morris Goodman’s autobiography, and I have all the rights to the screenplay. Morris has been in active participant in this project, helping me to seek financing for it. Because of Morris Goodman’s appearance in The Secret, it has gained quite a global notoriety. I have a few Hollywood actors who are already interested in being in this film.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Brian Jude