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REMOTE CONTROL coming of age, thriller screenplay

Teenage DANNY, witness's preparation for an elaborate robbery when, using one of his hobby drones he watches sexually charged visits by a beguiling young woman to the townhouse of a blind, mentally impaired man AND two spooky men who are always watching when she's there . Danny amusingly befriends her with his remotes, but they all soon disappear . Danny's family soon learns the man and his wealthy mother were murdered . The men, assuming Danny can identify them, (he can"t) come back one night when his parents are out to kill him . in a terrifying finale, he fends them off using his remotes and becomes a hero helping solve the crime ..

Re: REMOTE CONTROL coming of age, thriller screenplay

Now this one shows potential Michael...just don't turn it into "Home Alone with Gadgets"...Using drones is current topic so expand on the mysterious woman visiting the blind man...sex sales also but don't get hung up on it over a good story...now re-write it!