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Feature-- Somewhat contained horror


Logline: A humble farmer is invited to spend a weekend with her estranged sister-turned actress and her friends at a beach house where she undergoes a transformation of her own.

Locations: Farmhouse (some EXT./INT)
Beach house (EXT./INT)

Characters: total of 7
Main characters: 4 (2 F, 2 M)

Think "THE VVITCH" meets "GET OUT" A dark "fish out of water" tale told in a modern way. A grueling, slow-burn style complete with gritty imagery, nerve wracking scenes, suspenseful dialogue, and strong female leads with subtle themes of #MeToo.

After thirteen years of coping with a traumatic event as a young girl, a downcasted single mother(Camilla Greene) is invited to leave the farm,and all of it's decaying glory to spend the weekend with her estranged sister(Tisha Greene) at a beach house. Tisha, now an actress, and the hottest thing in Hollywood at the moment--has looks, money, and fame. The gift of beauty combined with power and she can manipulate just about anyone. Once Camilla reaches the mysterious private beach and meets her stereotypical L.A clique, and her pill-popping, vain, shallow and filthy lifestyle she considers if she has even left the animals at the farm, but that is no match for the secret she will learn about her sister, about herself, and about the price of fame.

Thankyou for your time! Email me for the script and ask me about my other scripts/projects.

Contact: asia.ponder@yahoo.com or a.ponder1892@student.sbccd.edu