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out to pasture . family friendly screenplay

Group of old people in a rural retirement home while away their lonely days playing croquet or watching t v . Cranky KENNY comes into immediate conflict with cheerful, new tenant, OLIVER . Oliver discovers Kenny was once a harness racing trainer when he discovers Kennys sulky in a back garage . Kenny's hiding a dark secrete, which gets rattled when Oliver, who's got some money stashed away, chides, badgers and begins to rally a core group of the oldsters to buy a horse and race it in an upcoming county fair . Reluctantly, Kenny gets beaten down, agrees . The horse, kept hidden in an empty garage begins to excite the group as they recruite TOBY, a teenager to race . training it and Toby, energizes everyone, but this catch's the eye of the staff . They're pleased with this transformation, but set out to find out whats inspiring it . Everything comes to a head just before the races . An uneasy alliance is agreed to, where the group can race, but they must get rid of the horse afterwards . After the races the group falls back into the old mopey, listless, depressed state of mind . A conflict thats been festering among the staff explodes to a head . The horse is retrieved . Everyone is joyfully satisfied, as it becomes the homes mascot .. Polished character driven script, low, to modest budget range, county fair races are a staple in many parts of the country ...