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Read One Or All Eight!

Here are my ELITE EIGHT screenplays. To follow are LOGLINES for five grounded scripts and three pilots. Each screenplay is revised to razor sharp storytelling and many have received accolades from a strong finish (Top 10%) in the Nicholl to winning film festivals. Please email me any time here in sunny Portland.

MIDDLE AGE - Two decades after a falling out, Will heads out west to see his old roommate Teddy. They laugh, they argue and they drive. The American west engulfs them in a harrowing adventure neither of them ever could have imagined. This is 40 meets Sideways.

THE BIG DANCE - After taking the fall in college basketball’s biggest scandal, Lou heads back to a small college on the east coast. Family, friends, his community and some bad guys all go along for the ride of a lifetime to the madness of March hoops! Hoosiers meets Old School.

WITH THIS SHAME - Boy meets girl in Brooklyn. Girl discovers boy's secret. He fouls up again, and the incident is global. Instant celebrity and the lies people tell to achieve it leave them both facing undeniable destiny. Every other rom com meets Knocked Up.

AND HOWE - Just when America’s most beloved comedy duo hit it big, the fat guy dies by misadventure. Alone and in crisis, Peter Howe fights the system to make the epic comic book film the two men dreamed of making since boyhood. Tommy Boy meets Superbad.

PATIENCE AND FORTITUDE - A ten-year-old New York girl seeks to overcome grief by helping her shut-in neighbor, an old man who hasn’t left their Chelsea building since 9/11. She races against time and the elements to show the old man that there’s still magic in the air in the city they love. Stand By Me meets Harold and Maude.

MISSING AMERICA (PILOT) - Fed up after America elects a buffoon President, a burned-out teacher moves his family to Ireland. There he discovers what being a real American is all about. This epic tale would change everything on Netflix!

SMALL DOSES (PILOT) - Two knuckleheads take a leap into the tech sector. Their leg up on the competition, a jar of Owsley Stanley’s most powerful batch of 1960s LSD-25, is a blessing and a curse. Introducing silicon valley to a new kind of micro-management, leaves the DEA and a Redwoods secret society tripping over themselves to get to the guys first. HBO's next big Sunday-nighter.

DIGITAL DETOX (PILOT) - Denny is just getting his treatment center together. Helping kids kick technology is a new field, but the surprise entry of a new patient (an Instagram mega star influencer) won’t just change the game, it’s going to write the rules! Appointment television for the whole family.