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Seraphim's Miracle

Script Title: Seraphim's Miracle
By: J.B. Storey
WGA#: 744233

A cynical reporter, investigating a supernatural mystery, uncovers a powerful truth that could change the world.

Ben Chambers was once a respected Pulitzer-journalist. But since his wife was tragically killed, he’s become a wretched shell of his former self.

Now, a senior editor at ‘Scuttlebutt’ Media (think, National Enquirer meets Huffington Post), he finds himself zealously pursuing a cynical investigation intended to debunk ‘so-called’ miracles – regardless of the collateral damage.

After months of successfully obliterating miracle after miracle, Ben is invited to a small town to examine a supernatural fable. However, instead of the usual hyperbole and embellishments, he encounters something extraordinary… an impossible truth.

As Ben peels back layers of this remarkable mystery, he unexpectedly discovers his own personal connection to the story; A connection, derived from a tragic event, that’s somehow responsible for the so-called miraculous story he intends to destroy.

Upon learning the truth, Ben is forced to reconsider everything he believes. A decision that hurtles him toward a collision between the anguish of the past versus a future Illuminated by hope.

All Accolades & Coverage:
Screencraft Coverage:
Score: 9.90/10
Rating: Recommend (strong)

WeScreenplay Coverage:
Score: 8.70/10
Grade: Recommend
Read Full WeScreenplay Coverage Here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoccuLLbRDUrg_NAH-FjY0cPUZcyzw?e=t2T1s5

Creative World Awards Coverage, Judges Feedback for 2020 Competition
Score: 8.44/10
Grade: Recommend
Read full coverage: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoccuLLbRDUrg_YUcJUHQaBHYGUm8Q?e=HZRMrR

Screenwriting Fellowship
Score: 8.5/10
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