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Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

STALEMATE Action/Thriller

A former C.I.A. operative, now running a private security company while seeking vengeance for his fallen team, is faced with his most challenging task yet: to kidnap the President of the United States


The concept, plot, and dialogue are the best components of the script. Viewers are transported into a compelling world of adventure and excitement which the average person will not ordinarily experience. The story is both exciting and entertaining. The plot involves enough twists that viewers may suspect certain outcomes, but the storyline is not predictable. Dialogue is clever and effective. It reveals pertinent character attributes and backstory, moves scenes, and drives the plot. The main characters (Ray Morgan and Tina Walker) are well-developed, but the story of Ray’s best friend, Walter Mansfield, could be expanded so viewers understand what drives Walt and makes him so loyal to Ray. He is the only supporting character who is present from the beginning to the end, so his story could make an interesting subplot. The structure is good, except the story sags a little at about the halfway point, which is particularly noticeable because of the high energy start.

Email : n (dot) hifad (at) gmail (dot) com

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Are you looking for a script that has that...what do you call it...magic?

As a Military Officer turned Video Game Executive turned Behavioral Therapist, a former amateur boxer and ballerina, I have a wide range things I know something about. I went from being an officer with Top Secret Clearance to be involved in some of the greatest most successful video game franchises ever, I have made training tools for the US Special Forces, and per invite I did a tech demo for the US Senate in Washington DC. When I tell you I'm a woman, you know that I have had to work twice as hard as my predominately male colleague to achieve what I have achieved professionally. I have had to learn how to read the unspoken communication and how to be able to forge a relationship with anyone. Little did I know that it would end up making me a brilliant Behavioral Therapist - with those qualities and a good portion of humor, I achieve magic every day. A magic I do my best to channel back through my writing and that has made me become a paid writer.

F_u_c_k_e_d! - dark comedy - The completely true and absolutely insane story of an unorthodox behavioral therapists great success with her mentally ill, and often violent patients while realizing that at home, her husband is living a double life as a sexual deviant and predator. Red listed for Comedy Television of the month on Coverfly.

Enemy of the Enemy - military action/political suspense - An emerging military treaty organization in the Middle East threatens to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons within hours. US intelligence has uncovered an obsolete former USSR ICBM base in Tajikistan to be a valid and formidable threat to Israel and the political power balance of the world. Tactical and high-level political decisions must be made immediately, and the US President has to rely on the enemy of his enemy. Finalist in Screencraft Action Adventure Contest.

Maddy Twelve and a Half - coming of age dramedy - A New York columnist, unsuccessful in every aspect of life, is forever changed when he spends the summer in a small town and befriends a peculiar soul searching young girl. Twice optioned. Most lately by producer Sasha Harari (The Doors, The Space Between Us) with director and A-list actor attached. Option expired. Entered to Barnstorm Fest 2019 and encouraged to submit more scripts (awaiting results). Red listed for Family Features of the month on Coverfly.

Incidentally Yours - romcom - A no nonsense business executive horridly finds himself practically engaged to his complete opposite - a creative video game executive, who incidentally used his identity when she created a virtual boyfriend in order to save her relationship to her business partner, and thus her company. Twice optioned; Figaro Films, Sasha Harari.

Tiger – work for hire by Agora and Joy Media, 2016 (40 million dollar budget in pre-production) Biopic about 48 times boxing champion “Tiger” – the story from defecting Eastern Europe, becoming a world champion, how the fame changed him causing him loosing his honor to “Rocky” due to booze, drugs, and women, and to how he fought his way back up at the top and the rematch.


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

This is a story, set in Northern Ireland, about an ordinary working class man who joins the Royal Ulster Constabulary. He is caught up in the Troubles early in his career. He spends his service desperately trying to find redemption after witnessing a child being brutally killed. By losing himself in his work in South Armagh's 'Bandit Country' he tragically destroys his marriage and himself.

TOUR is a story that gives unique, rounded insight into extreme work, in this case Anti-Terrorist policing. It has humour, power and unsentimental reality. It doesn't take sides-both sides are victims of circumstance. It is no soft, Corrs music-led movie. It is tough, uncompromising and brutal. It is also moving and, on occasions, funny. TOUR is an honest, compelling drama with a strong, emotional core and vivid action.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

My name is Jim Brosnahan and I've written a feature-length comedy called "Red Nose, Floppy Shoes" that is based upon my successful published play by the same title. The screenplay recently placed in the top 10 as a nominee for Best Feature-Length Screenplay at the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival. I've also written a feature-length western called "Kansas Kid" that placed in the second round of the Austin Film Festival.

RED NOSE, FLOPPY SHOES logline: The father of a professional clown wakes up one day with Clown Syndrome, a fatal strain of coulrophobia. Now he must battle a series of comedic remedies to find a cure before he dies laughing.

KANSAS KID logline: A strapping orphan makes a name for himself as a gunman and bounty hunter, while pursuing vengeance against those who killed his parents.

I believe both screenplays will appeal to a very wide audience. Both received favorable coverage. Please let me know if I can send you a script, and thanks for your time and consideration.

Happy New Year!

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I would like to respectfully submit "BELLA LOBA" a Science Fiction Feature Script, for your kind consideration. I'm a prolific awarded writer of Romance, Suspense and Fiction screenplays with more than 50 Film Festivals Awards.
The story is about a scientist who finds the antidote to his daughter's Lupus via the blood of an injured wolf, but is chased by Russian soldiers that want to take off his idea for their own profit. His daughter Bella starts to take on wolfish characteristics and helps cure Oscar, a boy she falls in love with. The cure of a disease, conspiracy, a person becoming more like a beast, some evil man's experiments, two young people in love and plenty of things can certainly hold commercial viability.

My daughter has inspired me in my life and in this script. She is young and beautiful, but has Lupus and for me, nothing is more inspiring that writing from real people who manifest their dreams and who have found ways of turning obstacles into opportunities.
I believe the riveting suspense and high stakes in BELLA LOBA will appeal to a very wide audience. Please let me know if I can send you the script.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me here:

Thank you for your time and attention.

A scientist discovers a possible cure for Lupus and Cancer thanks to antibodies in a wolf’s blood. The treatment is given the name of PROTOCOL B; in honor of the first person it was tested upon: the scientist’s daughter, Bella...

A scientist finds the antidote to his daughter's Lupus via the blood of an injured wolf, but is chased by Russian soldiers that want to take off his idea for their own profit. His daughter Bella starts to take on wolfish characteristics and helps cure Oscar, a boy she falls in love with.

I am a creative writer who can write all genres from comedy to drama and can keep an audience engaged and interested.
Proud of my meticulous education received in the French Secondary school of Malaga, I soon discovered my literary versatility. Most of the time I do freelance writing, but I'm also a prolific writer of fiction novels and screenplays with more than 50 Winner Awards in International Film Festivals.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Waking Cupid is an original, magical love story for Cupid.
This 114 minute screenplay will entertain, excite and elevate you.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Here is a logline for a feature I wrote. Thank you.

Destined for greatness, a young girl is kidnapped by the militia from a refugee camp in Africa and is forced to endure heart wrenching events. With the aid of an unexpected friend she finds a way out to fulfill her dream as an undisputed boxing champion.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Virginia Marie -Richard Dukes

Virginia Marie is the story of a man with a desire to be the only man in the life of the woman he loves. He learns love overrules desire, and the family unit is of the utmost importance.
Included in this writing are POEMS, and SHORT STORIES... a compilation of tidbits for your reading pleasure. Can you help produce, and develop this manuscript into something greater?

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Tom Won’t Break - Drama 101 minutes. Queensland based. (Also as a novel, 71,500 words.) Log Line: A resourceful 17 year-old has his mum walk off the property and his dad drown. He escapes slavery from a “kind” helper, defeats a land grabber and catches up with his persecutor.


Where’s My Boy. Action/Thriller PG 107 minutes. Audience: Worldwide
Log Line: A tough impulsive mercenary hunts the predatory slave trader who has snatched his young nephew before he disappears forever. Mum joins in the hunt. (High Concept)

Recommended by WESCREENPLAY

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have just completed 'Purple Heart', a feature length Action/comedy spec script. It's 'Anchorman' meets 'The Fugitive'.

Logline: An eccentric New York art dealer must overcome incredible odds to unravel the identity of the men who framed him for murder.

I've written three other feature length screenplays and one of them has been optioned by Atophill productions. If 'Purple Heart' has piqued your interest you can contact me via email at your earliest convenience and I'll be glad to send you a copy.
Thanks for your time.

Best regards.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have just completed 'Purple Heart', a feature length Action/comedy spec script. It's 'Anchorman' meets 'The Fugitive'.

Logline: An eccentric New York art dealer must overcome incredible odds to unravel the identity of the men who framed him for murder.

Synopsis: Mark Everton was smart and witty, with a wonderful job and a beautiful wife. Life was a bed of roses until he walks in on a murder. Accused of a crime he didn't commit and hunted across the city by the NYPD, Russian gangsters and a blood-thirsty Arab drug lord. Mark must stay one step ahead of his adversaries as he races against time to prove his innocence.

I've written three other feature length screenplays and one of them has been optioned by Atophill productions. If 'Purple Heart' has piqued your interest you can contact me via email at your earliest convenience and I'll be glad to send you a copy.
Thanks for your time.

Best regards.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Logline: After a zombie outbreak sabotages a high school party, five unwitting teens must work together to survive the final days of the apocalypse.
Pages: 92

A shedload of feature and TV scripts available, a mix of low budget horror and comedy / thrillers

Hello. I'm a freelance screenwriter and novelist. I have a wide range of projects with completed high quality scripts. I've set them out below. if you want to know more about any specific project just let me know.

PEEK-A-BOO! - A micro-budget horror movie, 5 actors 1 location. There is potential for a video game to be produced from the movie.
Logline: Trapped in a disused warehouse four teenagers battle for survival against a supernatural killer in a brutal virtual reality computer game that turns real.

The Abaddon Dance: A low budget, strong female lead thriller / horror with a devil worship theme.
Logline: Ellen’s life as a rock musician is turned upside down after a stranger hassles her in the street. Just his touch on her hand starts a horrific chain of events that leads to multiple murders.

The Party: A low budget, mainly single location gory horror story.
Logline: Sinister things happen while converting an abandoned prison to a luxury hotel, but at the opening party it gets so much worse.

Dead Phone: A strong female role led low budget horror thriller packed with shocks and plot twists with a horrific finale.
Logline: A young mother finds an old dead phone that mysteriously sends her messages about a missing girl. Will she discover what happened or will she and her daughter suffer the same fate?

A Gift of Wood: A low / medium budget horror about voodoo and blackmail.
Logline: Moments before his death, James gives his brother Terry a Voodoo mask he’d stolen. Will its powers protect Terry when the owner comes seeking retribution?

Apollyon Hall: A low budget horror set mostly in a single location.
Logline: Refurbishing a deserted guest house becomes a fight for survival for a small building team when one workman is possessed by the spirit of a murderer.

The Resurrected: A Low / medium budget horror drama with strong female leads. N.B. This could also be made as a streaming series as it was originally written as 2 x 1 hour pilot episodes for a TV series.
Logline –Beautiful teenager Mary is murdered. Her body is resurrected in a sinister military experiment to create super-soldiers that can slip through time. She escapes and is hunted down. Will her new powers save her from being silenced?

MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) - A high budget comedy that parodies Trump using the ‘Dr. Strangelove’ doomsday theme. This is a co-written script with US actor David Tenenbaum.
Logline: Life and fiction blur hilariously as new POTUS Donald Dump’s trade war with China escalates. Will it end with both leaders in a cage fight… or ARMAGEDDON!

JAM (Just About Managing) - A low budget feature comedy drama in the style of the award winning ‘In The Loop.’ This is set in the corporate hotel world.
Logline: Ross works for an aggressive asset stripping hotel chain. He lives in a world of crap, stuck between both sides trying to hold things together. With the worst boss in the world on his back, he staggers from one hilarious disaster to the next, and always a fingertip away from getting the bullet.

TV Series:

Nematodes: a medium budget 6x1 hour series aimed at the streaming TV market.
Logline: Imagine life in a world where all the adults are dead or dying from a disease that turns them into cannibal killers.Kids are left to somehow survive. Life is cheap. The old rules and values are gone, the new ones brutal, made worse because the kids know the killer disease kicks in when they mature. This is our world.

PEEK-A-BOO: A series based on horror / ghost / comedy horror shorts. It’s like a sketch show but using an assortment of stories from 3 minute monologues (I actor / 1 set) to 15 minute or longer stories. The stories are varied in style and content so the audience does not know what will come next.

The Fakin’ News: A spoof using a parody of a US TV breakfast show (male & female anchors) linking fake news articles. This is extremely low budget rolling comedy and was being developed with an Irish production company for a streaming network.

(FYI - I write for US fake news websites. I’ve had over 250 articles published and 4 collections books).

Whistleblower: A high budget near future sci-fi detective series based on my books (Whistleblower and Retribution). I have enough material for at least 24 x 45 minute episodes.
Logline: Earth is suddenly blighted with killer kids. It's Jake Redwood's job to catch and kill them. When he meets a beautiful stranger who tells him they're a symptom of something much, much worse, it's the start of a very bad week for Jake... and mankind.

The Seeds: A crime / political thriller in 12 x 1 hour episodes with a strong female lead. The series is based in the rise and fall of a Nationalist Welsh Separatist terrorist organisation. It is very fast paced with a complex plot full of twists and shock reveals.

Another Bad Gig: A comedy drama in 12 x 1 hour episodes. This is based on the ups and downs of an en

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Posters, loglines, synopses and first pages located on my site: www.scriptrevolution.com/profiles/john-hunter

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Thanks for the opportunity.

I have four Recommended Full Feature Scripts.

Here are some Log Lines in case of interest:

Tom Won’t Break - Drama 101 minutes. Queensland based. (Also as a novel, 71,500 words.) Log Line: A resourceful 17 year-old has his mum walk off the property and his dad drown. He escapes slavery from a “kind” helper, defeats a land grabber and catches up with his persecutor.
Hartleys War - A Withoutabox winner 99 minutes of fast paced Action. Low/Medium Budget
Log Line: A determined young soldier plus three mates and two pretty girls escape fallen Singapore to get vital Japanese war plans to Australia through 3,000 miles of jungle and stormy seas causing mayhem en route.

Devil’s Breed: Horror. 97 minutes. Audience: 15+ worldwide. High Concept. Low Budget
Log Line: Two young city slickers find their remote hideout farm is surrounded by a Satanic cult and must outwit the Devilish Cult leader and his Witch to survive sacrifice and other horrors.

Where’s My Boy. Action/Thriller PG 107 minutes. Audience: Worldwide
Log Line: A tough impulsive mercenary hunts the predatory slave trader who has snatched his young nephews before they disappear forever. (High Concept)

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I'm about halfway finished with this script.

Title: Breakout Havana

Logline: After an opportunity to seek asylum at a nearby embassy presents itself, a young political dissident must stay one step ahead of an overzealous communist loyalist who wishes to keep her in Havana.

Takes place in 1980 during the Mariel Boatlift crisis in Havana.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello, I'd like to respond to your query for screenplays. What do you need from me for submission? Logline, synopsis?

Thank you

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

The screenplays (3) are coming of age dramas based on true stories.

1. MEMOIRS OF THE INSANE ARTIST I - INSANE ARTIST - Based on original artwork by contemporary artist Neal Taylor, Insane Artist depicts Taylor's emotions while struggling with life-changing events. Snared between unthinkable reality and a seductive slide into madness, the artist pieces together powerful visions of his journey and discovers that by losing everything, he gains more than he ever imagined. Based on a true story.

2. MEMOIRS OF THE INSANE ARTIST II - ROCK AND FIRE - A coming of age drama of four boys who play on the same little league baseball team. The first baseman grows up to become the captain of the New York Yankees. His neighbor and best friend, the pitcher on the team, grows up to become a millionaire drug dealer. The catcher becomes the drug dealer's partner, and the right fielder, the worst player on the team, becomes the cop that busts them all. Based on a true story.

3. MEMOIRS OF THE INSANE ARTIST III - KILLER - The third story from the Memoirs of the Insane Artist series. A coming of age drama about two best friends growing up in Midwest Indiana in the 1980s. Follow their journey from adolescent teens to adulthood as they deal with real life emotional problems. Based on a true story.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Racehorse Blues- christian based script
Similar to The Zookeeper or Racing Stripes meets The Librarian with alot more action!
In fact the Pages judges mentioned the similarity in the comments. Previously published author.
A young man in a easy life is pushed into adulthood when his father suffers a heart attack and he has to grow up quick.
Racing horses and running a farm isn't as easy as he thought.
Meanwhile bad things are happening on the track and his fathers horses are in danger.
Can he save the day & win his girlfriends respect & get his family's approval?

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

The Committed

When three down-on-their luck surfers head to LA looking for a quick score to fund their Mexican getaway, they stumble into kidnapping a raucous Disney starlet and smuggle her across the boarder, hoping she will be the financial boon that will afford them the freedom they so desperately want

Misconception - Shawshank Redemption meets Prison Break

Misconception - logline

A father is convicted for the murder of his 7 year old daughter. Labeled as a pedophile in prison, he becomes a target of abuse. With the aid of his mother and a priest, they hire a trained killer to execute a sleek spree .

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I’ve written a Screenplay adaption of the best-selling adventure novel, “Scaramouche,” by Raphael Sabatini, called “The Revolutionist.”

It is a classic adventure story and script, with a larger-than-life hero, beautiful and willful heroine, relentless and dangerous villain, a violent love triangle, and a shocking ending. The screenplay takes place during the French Revolution in 1789. The novel was also made into a successful movie adaption in 1952. The novel is in the public domain.

Logline: When a powerful aristocrat murders a young lawyer’s best friend in cold blood, the hero seeks revenge by starting the French Revolution. David vs Goliath in the French Revolution.

English Screenwriter in Miami With Several Screenplays

I’m an English screenwriter in Miami with several screenplays ready to be filmed and I would prefer to direct them all;

1. Female-led action thriller Killer Eyes.

Logline -

A young girl gets raped by her mother’s boyfriend and kills him. She becomes a contract killer and serves a prison term for shooting her cheating boyfriend in the ass.

On release she falls in love with a childhood friend and he wants her to leave the business. She must choose - love or money?

But first she must take down Irish drug lord Jimmy Malone.

2. Horror film - see www.SheLivesAgain.com.

3.. - A dark urban drama, When I...

Contact me at lauranfilm@yahoo.com.


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

BUSINESS IS DEAD is the zany tale of a NOTORIOUS FUNERAL DIRECTOR who hires a pair of HAPLESS PRIVATE EYES to track down a world-renown, but RECLUSIVE SCIENTIST who has discovered a life-prolonging formula. Little do the detectives know that the funeral director plans to have the scientist murdered by the lethal female brick house assassin CLIMAXIA before the scientist releases the details of her discovery which will have people living forever, destroying the funeral business forever! Great Vehicle for the likes of a Kevin Hart and a Damon Wayans Jr.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have two romantic comedy feature scripts whose loglines can be found here:

"Stand Tall!" (sci-fi rom-com take on the subgenre of "giant woman" movies). Relatively few locations (all in Vegas), most of them interiors, and reasonably inexpensive CGI FX to create the 16-foot giantess.

"Fugitive Sweetheart" (comic thriller): New identity via witness protection is the angle. Film is set in the American heartland -- Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota. Hardly any FX, a chase scene or two.

Want to learn more? Drop me a line; we'll take it from there.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello - my story is a based on truth story about a young woman, a survival of a childhood rape, who builds an empire while struggling to stay alive, battling the demons within. Please can you tell me something about yourself.
Thanks, Leigh

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Nice of you to take the time.

I'm a screenwriter interested in optioning my story.

"Avenue A", is based on actual events in my hometown from 1846-2020.

LOGLINE: A woman, mysteriously in jail, writes a story spanning 170 years which unfolds the unlikely connections with an 1800s Texas Marshal who's story had been buried, the 1960s writer who searched for the truth, and how their actions led to her current incarceration.

This project comes with film location opportunities possibly benefiting a budget.

Screenplay and Synopsis available upon request.

All The Best,

Sonia Martinez

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I wish to summit my feature lenght pulse-pounding suspense screenplay.
I Am a Witness, to you for consideration.

It's The DMT: The Spirit Molecule inginites Willie Stanfield
Delivering Massage to all mankind.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Dear Producer,

My name is Mr. Ryan Fitzgerald Quinn. I am an accomplished screen writer and I would like to submit a treatment for my latest screenplay: “Rural Route 76”. I believe it is worthy of your time and attention. Below is a short summary.


Log Line:

Lee Felton is an aging US Marshall, haunted by the killer that got away early in his career. Twenty years later, a school bus of children are abducted by a strange cult and Lee finally has a chance to put to bed the demons from his past.

“Rural Route 76” is every parents worse nightmare and if it’s not it should be. If you are interested in reading the full-length screenplay of “Rural Route 76”, please return an email to RyanQuinn0409@Gmail.com And I will send you a copy of the script.

I look forward to your reply. 


Ryan Fitzgerald Quinn

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I'm new here. Can anyone tell me if this site is legitimate? I see people are blindly posting loglines. Who sees them? Does the guest producer actually reply? Why isn't there a direct email to the guest producer?

Just seeking clarity.

Thank you.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

One mans struggle with hero complex leads him on a violent spree through London, as he seeks to bring justice upon the guilty.

I have a full screenplay ready to sell, full synopsis available on request. A crime thriller/ vengeance picture. Think Falling Down meets Death Wish with a hint of John Wick, set in London.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Kind Regards
Tomas Keough

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Title: The Hangman's Demise (based on a novel). Psychological horror. Readership in 8 countries. You may contact me directly at mikelockett111@gmail.com
Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you again soon.
Longline: Hang em High/ meets The Evil Dead.
Best regards: Michael C. Lockett

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I would like to submit my screenplay to you. It's a comedy about a terminally ill young woman, who wins the lottery, and has to plans to help people in need, but instead finds herself in court with the State Lottery commission who is suing her for fraud.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have two original screenplays that I have completed and ready for director to look over.
The first one is an action pack male lead, genre. It is called Luke Dalton. A feisty army veteran is thrown into action when he gets a call from his sister that her husband which is a cop stumbled onto a sex trafficking ring. The other screenplay is of a female lead which becomes a super hero to protect planet earth from aliens due to global warming of their planet.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

“A Robin Hood Christmas”

A cross between “Robin Hood” and “Scrooge”.

Logline: Three small town teens, their leader a run-away orphan, buy gifts for the needy with an “illicit” credit card and have them sent anonymously.

“Where Was I (When I Was Where I Was)”

Logline: It’s hard to stay in your own world, when all these other worlds keep
taking you for a ride. Hence, the simple innocent meets the fantastic. Our hero gets
unwittingly zapped with the ability to travel to “other worlds”, which makes him feel, he must right himself quickly for his own peace of mind, as well that, malevolent forces seek to usurp this power from him for their own evil gains.

“Spy Wars”:

Attempting to conquer via revenge, hence getting
others to destroy themselves.

An unknown entity in an attempt to obtain power, assassinates various competing spies. A theory that one will blame the other and seek revenge, thus creating a spy war.

“The Last Great Sales Convention”: (a Comedy)

Log Line - A simple yet profound mix-up of matching suitcases, one with stolen U.S. Military contraband,
the other with women’s underwear, thereupon spreading further complications in its wake.

Synosis/synopses &/or completed registered script can be received upon request.

My work has been produced on the Hollywood Stage. Also: I have been Head Writer
for an Educational Video Series, have been a Screenwriting Scholarship Recipient at
20th Century Fox, B.A. Theatre Arts.

Charles Jose Noriega
4007 Portola Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Logline: My Father’s Worst Nightmare

With his boyfriend in tow, a college sophomore takes a weekend trip home for the express purpose of “coming out” to his family and all hell breaks loose until a near tragedy triggers a father’s journey towards acceptance.


With his boyfriend, SHAWN ,in tow; college sophomore NINO CERUTTI pays a weekend visit home for the express purpose of "coming out" to his family. Additionally, he wants permission to move from his dormitory to an off-campus
apartment; to set up housekeeping with Shawn, whom he plans on introducing to the family during this visit.

Nino 's two older brother' s pick him up at the train station in Bridgeport Connecticut, and the trio head for a local
bar where Nino "comes out" to them. Both CARMINE and DOMINICK take the news in stride but are concerned how their parents will handle it. Upon arriving home, Nino and Dominick head straight for their room for Nino to unpack. In the meantime, Carmine gently breaks the news to their mother, CARMELLA , who is in the kitchen cooking dinner.
Surprisingly, she tells Carmine that she has always known and dreaded when this day would come. After dinner Nino breaks the news to his father TONY who blows a gasket as everyone expected.

The next day, Nino and Shawn take the ferry to Port Jefferson, New York. During the ride across Long Island Sound Nino tells Shawn of Tony's reaction to the news. He also informs Shawn that he is invited to the Cerutti home on Sunday for dinner. Needless to say, Shawn is not excited by the invitation and would rather "jump off the ferry with his pockets full of rocks", than meet Nino's father.

With his traditional views stretched to the limit, Tony suffers a heart attack after Sunday dinner, but survives due to the decisive action of Shawn who administers CPR. After recovering, Tony continues to grapple with the fact that his son is gay.

After returning to school, Nino convinces himself that he caused his father's heart attack by revealing that he is gay. He becomes forlorn and finds it difficult to concentrate.Shawn attempts to console him with limited success. Nino decides to return home, to check on his dad’s condition, and asks Shawn to accompany him. Upon their late night arrival, Nino and Shawn are mugged at the Bridgeport train station, leaving Nino in a coma clinging to life.
Tony is devastated by the news and blames himself for
Nino's plight. Nino survives, however, and the near loss of his son proves to be a turning point in Tony 's journey toward acceptance.


My Father’s Worst Nightmare won Best Unproduced Screenplay in the 2017 Tea Dance Int’l Film Festival and was a top finalist in the 2018 LGBTQ screenwriting competition. It is an original, contemporary, character driven, coming of age dramedy that deals with the trials and tribulations of coming out to family members. The screenplay deals with the subject from a mature, serious, and comedic way. The project is low budget with limited locations and cast, and was written to appeal to a wide audience.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have completed a screenplay for a feature-length theatrical motion picture comedy 'Mr. Dickley's Crimes and Punishment." The story is about crocked lawyer who designed several schemes praying on elderly people. Besides his law practice, he has reincarnation agency (money back guaranteed). One of his "reincarnated" clients turned to be Russian mobster's mother. His law practice's victims, elderly couple, decided to punish him. As a result, he lost everything - his money, his business and his mind. The couple wrote the book "Mr. Cockley's Crimes and Punishment' that helped them to get their money back.
If you are interested to see the script, please contact me at
Natalia I. Hughson
Chandler Gilbert Community College
Adjunct Faculty
746 E. Blue Ridge Way
Chandler, AZ 85249
Tel/Fax: 480-802-2018
Cellular: 480-881-9217

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

My story is called seven choices. It's about a woman who has died and believes she is still living. It is when a strange man shows up and offers her seven choices for her to pick that she realized she was dead.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi Guys!

Hope you’re having a great day. My name’s Carol Teegardin. I’m a former Detroit business reporter and high school English teacher gone mad in San Diego with a bug for writing screenplays. I did pen a successful book about Detroit’s wayward, imprisoned Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and it’s theatrical adaption, which ran for several sold out weeks. Now, I’m interested in fiction. Below is a pitch for Snowbird, my finished, made-for-streaming script in the Horror genre. (Okay, maybe some of it’s based personal experiences!)

Pitch for Snowbird:

A reporter looking for her missing brother uncovers a grisly murder scene at the Paradise Trailer Park deep in the Florida Everglades. Swinging seniors enjoying a hot tub party suddenly drop dead. Another old-timer is given Viagra-laced drinks as his wife is murdered and taken out on a stretcher. The psycho hatchet-wielding park owner is the obvious suspect, but the reporter uncovers a sinister chain of events bigger than both of them.

So, that’s it. Thanks so much! Reach me any way you want below, and PS., if you don’t want the script hire me as a writer or an editor. I want to stay in LaLa Land and I’d be a great addition to your company.

7586 Saranac Avenue, San Diego, CA., 91942

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have completed a first season of a potential series which covers all genes in my hit. My script is original and never been done before. I have submitted my screen play to many companies, advising me that the story is good but they have no time slots. My complete first season is called Execution committee, deploying a group of people one being a Lord by birth right. The story focuses on his family and ties to the paranormal. The committee use modern day technology to wipe out individuals that the law is unable to touch.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a screenplay script that is truly a work of art. This one is a drama/ suspense and it really grabs attention, just like a movie should.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

After refusing to date women with children, a rugged, serious survivalist falls for a mother who has a propensity for hilarious chaos. Can he endure the comical challenges of parenthood, and the reemergence of an old flame to attain what he never thought he'd have in a million years?

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have two completed screen plays. An action packed thriller and a super hero female Lead. One is pitch as a new Jason Bourne, and the other one of a Wonder Woman supergirl pitch. Email me for log line or synopsis.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

True story. An idealistic ex-Peace Corps volunteer joins a capitalist cult that becomes "the fastest growing company in America" according to INC Magazine. Just when he is finally making it big, in the dramatic conclusion, he confronts the owner, reclaims his balls and turns the tables. In the end, he has the company shut down for consumer fraud, fined $40M and the owner is never allowed to work in multi-level marketing again.

The lead character is a role any actor would love to play.

It is based on my book and I own all rights.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a sci-fi named Aves! It won an award (Capital Fund) couple of years ago.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

. I’ve got a raw, honest faith based drama called, “After the Impact” that puts another important perspective on the genre.

It’s the story of a man who masks insecurity with pride and arrogance until one bad choice blows up into the biggest storm of his life. He’s a typical car salesman and good at what he does. He’s divorced but still emotionally attached to his ex-wife. Though he’s estranged from both parents he believes he’s got it all figured out. His many personality defects is finally brought to his attention after he seriously assaults a man inside of his ex-wife’s home as his true pride and joy, his six-year old son, looks on in horror.

Up against serious assault charges, and a restraining order that keeps him from his son he realizes that he needs help. He gets the help he needs in the form of a customer to whom he just sold a car the night before the assault. This customer just happens to run a court approved program for re-offenders with anger issues. The program is based in faith. The highlights of this program are exercises in reading scripture and prayer all things of which he’d never really been a fan. He’s on board because he wants to stay out of jail and continue helping to raise his son.

It’s Cadillac Man meets Courageous.

Would love if you would take a look. Thanks so much, hope to hear from you soon.


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Daniel Read, a high school basketball phenom, comes into contact with forces of antagonism, mainly premarital sex and HIV, which could derail his bright future.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have screenplays in most genres, except Horror. One of them won the Thriller Category of the 21st Annual Fade In Awards. Others in option. Would love to hear more about what you're seeking. I will not post synopsis here. Thank you!


I am interesting in pitching my drama/Christian screenplay.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I've written for professional theatre, short movies, TV Show, skits,webseries and 30 second promotional videos for a start up company. I have a Masters degree in Scriptwriting from Bournemouth University.

I have attached my website for your consideration as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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