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Wave edge, save our world movie with songs, humor and 100% sequel potential

A Wonderful "Save Our World"
Love Story

Hi, thank you for your attention.
My name is Richart Sowa and this story is my creation based on a real floating Island that I made and lived on in Mexico and that received a large amount of international media attention.
(List available on request)

(The Light Hearts arrive)

Genre: Romantic Sci-fi (with songs and occasional humor)


An ecologist creating a floating eco-Island and an idealistic med student fall in love and make an amazing discovery testing (without cruelty) a curious cake on legless frogs, but their love is extremely tested when their findings are bizarrely abused.


*real life parts*

Set in the future when mans ecological ignorance is causing massive planetary disasters.

*Jay has found a way to make self-sustainable agricultural 'floating' land from recycled materials and believes he can stop earth's demise by spreading his trash-treasure floating-Island concept*

*He lives self-sufficiently on his own self made lush tropical Island that floats on a base of millions of re-used plastic bottles that are perfectly preserved in darkness, bound within root systems and abundant marine life beneath*

*The trees and crops on his floating Island give food and filter carbon from the atmosphere and their roots hydroponically clean the water they float on. So Jay knows that if they were globally reproduced, the problems of trash, polution, food shortage, climate change and overpopulation would be things of the past and we'd all have an ecologically balanced paradise earth to enjoy*

(Search web for: coolest thing plastic bottle floating Island)

*He's also invented zero carbon home appliances made mainly from re-used materials such as: a wind-powered, solar-heated washing machine, a wave-powered AC that also produces electricity and he bakes an amazing 300 multi-fruit cake in the sun which has rejuvenating properties*

*He's written songs on the "Save our Planet" theme* and Jay with his band are prepping to move his 70 mtr plastic Bottle Island with sails and wave powered flippers on her maiden voyage down the coast to perform concerts from his island to beach audiences along the way.

World News breaks of a 'rogue' sun with one planet heading directly towards our solar system!

Ice caps melt rapidly inundating all beaches on earth, except of course, those on Jay's 'floating' Island!

World panic sets in and Global media hails Jay an "Eco-Superstar" with his "only beach on earth floating Island."

Careening now through our solar system, the rogue sun's mini planet skims extremely close to ours and two strangely delicate adolescent aliens in a test craft are sucked to earth by our denser atmosphere.

They land in a tree by a river and cry for the first time in the existence of their species, as they witness monkeys being cruelly captured for a test lab! A baby escapes leaping onto their bubble like capsule causing it to fall and float down the river, eventually to find a welcome haven on Jay's floating Island.

(Graphics available on request)

The aliens can hover using an inner cool burning flame that glows through their translucent bodies and they share their thankfulness and knowledge with Jay by eye to eye contact. They sustain themselves by inhaling unusual mushroom spores that they grow in their capsule. He is awestruck by their peacful sensitivity, finds a safe place for them on his Island and they become his hidden-cosmic-muses.

Jay needs better sound equipment for the concerts and accepts a building contract to extend a Med-lab on the mainland. He meets lovely Hazel a med-student there, they have lots in common with music, nature and love for animals.

He invites her to his Island, she is amazed and enamoured by everything, especially the Aliens that they begin to call "light hearts" and his super delicious solar cake.

They feel joyfully inspired by each other and begin to fall in love as they discover how to regenerate limbs in a secret no-cruelty experiment.

First on legless frogs salvaged from a food factory dump by boosting their stem cells with Jay's 300 ingredient solar fruit cake, then on their pet dog "Sue" who lost a leg after she was 'accidentally on purpose' taken into the test lab!

Then... After successfully regrowing a finger on a lab technician and just as they were about to reveal their findings to the world, envy and greed spawns a plan to gain the glory by eliminating them!

At Hazels and Jay's engagement party, their meal is 'spiked' with Cow DNA, Super-charged with Jay's solar-cake stolen from his Island!

For certain reasons only Hazel ingests the super Cow DNA and she's plunged into a torrent of mindbending changes as Jay frantically tries to reverse her transmutation.

The whole synopsis with detailed treatment, key dialogue, songs and humor is available on request