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Seeking scripts of any genre to produce as animation. Mostly seeking comedic or dramatic for series.


BrickFilmLA is a full production house seeking scripts to produce for Animation. Typically comedy or drama work just fine but we are seeking to create a series for the Web.

We are already part of SAGAFTRA as producers and our content will be created as SAG NEW MEDIA.

We are interested in procuring scripts that are finalized and ready for production.

This will be stop motion animation so episodes under 15 minutes are preferred. We hope to shoot, edit an entire season. You will be credited for your work and it will be online via youtube and or other websites depending on the content.

Please message if you have any questions and or interest.

Re: Seeking scripts of any genre to produce as animation. Mostly seeking comedic or dramatic for ser

My name is Sara Corbioli and I am a tv screenwriter and the creator of the first LGBT animated tv series,
called Be More Popcorn.
I am seeking for representation, to find the best home for my tv series, I wish to find the right animation
studio and the right producer who can help me to bring this project to life.

Be more popcorn talks about awkward situations of a group of friends in the adult life, in a LGBTQIA context,
including sex, drugs and alcohol, bad decisions and hilarious consequences. The main character is Riley, a lesbian girl
and her friends: Marlon: the twink gay, Max: the bear, Theodora: the butch lesbian, Anjelica: the transexual drag queen
and Paulette who is Riley's boss. Is a tv show about friendship, love and life of LGBT people, relate from an ironic,
positive point of view.
I have an animation bible, I write a script and 12 episodes, I have a complete first season available,
I developed the characters, they all have an unique personality. I create their entire world.

I was been selected in the Official Selection of 17 film festival and I won the first prize at
Cannes Screenplay Contest 2017, for Comedy Television Script.

I wish to send you:
- Be More Popcorn Screenplay Pilot
I've written the Script, I've made the animation, the character design, the storyboard, the backgrounds,
the dialogues and some voice over.

Watch a Teaser Be More Popcorn Opening Pilot here: https://vimeo.com/358479210
Watch a few act of the pilot here: https://vimeo.com/358612752
Watch Be More Popcorn clips here: www.vimeo.com
Comics and memes here:

Thank you very much for your consideration.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kindest Regards,
Sara Corbioli

Animation scripts.


I'm a screenwriter and novelist. Re your call for scripts. I can custom write to your brief if you have a theme you want developed. I specialise in horror, comedy and thrillers. However, the main reason for contact is that I was developing a series with a production company called 'Peek-a-boo!' It was an eclectic mix of ghost / horror and comedy horror shorts. It stalled due to production costs. I still have a large selection of scripts, all of which could be easily produced in animation versions. Also, I have high budget scripts from TV series to features, all of which could be broken into episodes. Let me know if you want to see any of this material.