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Writer looking for production company

Hello, I am currently working on two screenplays hoping for them to get published.

The first is called "Inside".

The script is based on a group of inmates who are interviewed inside a federal prison. Below is a brief synopsis.

A series of fictional interviews with inmates who are each serving a life sentence in a federal penitentiary.
All inmates discuss harsh realities of prison life. With compelling, dramatic dialogue -- each inmate discusses themselves, the prison community, and other various aspects of their crime which tie them back to their past. Five inmates who are each serving a life sentence are chosen to be interviewed. The first inmate is a mid 50's black male convicted of manslaughter after hitting a man with his car during a shootout. This character has a few scenes without him talking that really give the film a deep dramatic introspection into inmate #1's character. The second inmate is a mid 30's white male convicted of selling narcotics at a high scale level. His uncle plays a role in a few scenes serving as a side character and teacher to inmate #2. The third inmate is a mid 40's convicted serial killer who preyed upon adult women during a three year rampage. He has one depressing and daunting scene in the film where he digs a grave and later fills it back in. His character is southern with an accent. Inmate #4 is a mid 30's white male convicted of killing his girlfriend and another male after catching them cheating. He serves as one of the lead roles in the film as a tipping point toward the action at the end. The fifth inmate is a 20 year old white male convicted of murdering a gas station attendant after a botched robbery. He is the youngest inmate of the five. The film also features a counselor, a young social worker, and the warden/guards very briefly. This film helps to show the raw aspects of prison life and the community that surrounds them. Toward the end of the film we are introduced with a conflict between the prisoners and the staff as a fight breaks out in the final scene.

Kyle Humphries
Michigan, USA

If you would like to read this screenplay I will gladly send it to you for approval.