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Action/Sci-Fi in the vein of The Matrix 1 with female lead and LGBTI inclusive


A young woman must fight for her own survival as she learns that her dark past may have a connection with the very thing that allows life to exist: the Resonance.

A mysterious past has led KAI (20) to sacrifice everything she loves, and live on the fringe of society.
Meanwhile, after a massacre on the CIA HQ, agent MICHAEL FREY (40) takes to the shadows and uncovers a link to THE WOMAN (36), a supernatural assassin who wants to settle an old score.
Seeking to protect mankind and preserve his secret race from extinction, Michael contacts with Kai and divulges the true nature of her existence, and her key role in the fate of civilization.
With the all-powerful woman in pursuit, Kai is forced into a battle she may not be able to win, but that is her only chance at getting her life back.