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Northern Ireland during the 1980's-at the height of the 'Troubles'.

This is a story, set in Northern Ireland, about an ordinary working class man who joins the Royal Ulster Constabulary. He is caught up in the Troubles early in his career. He spends his service desperately trying to find redemption after witnessing a child being brutally killed. By losing himself in his work in South Armagh's 'Bandit Country' he tragically destroys his marriage and himself.

TOUR is a story that gives unique, rounded insight into extreme work, in this case Anti-Terrorist policing. It has humour, power and unsentimental reality. It doesn't take sides-both sides are victims of circumstance. It is no soft, Corrs music-led story. It is tough, uncompromising and brutal. It is also moving and, on occasions, funny. TOUR is an honest, compelling drama with a strong, emotional core and vivid action.