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Tale of the Tape, spec.


What if mass murder was the only way to keep the deep state in power?

Tale of the Tape is adapted from my novel about the clandestine, still little-known Dixie Mafia of the mid ‘80s Deep South. The action/espionage/thriller includes CIA-sanctioned drugs-for-guns trade in Central America and the mob's role in official corruption. It's my best seller.

Lieutenant Lyle Rees, a Navy bandleader on a plumb performance tour of South America, discovers that the Dixie Mafia's using State Department bureaucrats to facilitate global drug smuggling, and he's part of it. He has been naive, a victim of his own ambition. His promotion bought by betraying a friend, shipmate, lover, Emma Lucas. Years have passed. She now owns an Alaska fishing lodge. She discovers a face on a video tape she and Rees made in happier times while rescuing a ship-jumper in New Orleans. It's exactly what NOPD detective Roland Hebert needs to indict Dixie Mafia crimes that no Federals -- those paid off by the mob -- were ever going to prosecute. The trio reunite in New Orleans with the evidence. Hebert is murdered for his persistence. On the way to their own execution, their would-be killer brags about the approaching mass murder at the Superdome convention, the mob's insurance policy against ever being exposed by a straight administration. The unlikely heroes kill their captors and thwart the dirty bomb attack during a violent river battle at the foot of Canal Street.

I've written for the International Herald Tribune (Paris), the Associated Press (Alaska), and much of world between. My client's speeches are reprinted in Vital Speeches of the Day. My novels are at amazon.com/author/alanables.

Let me know if you'd like to read the script. I look forward to hearing from you.


Alan Ables