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Seeking a producer interested in producing my screenplay Star Crossed Lovers

Logline: Star Crossed Lovers

A contemporary Romeo and Juliet story about a budding romance that becomes complicated for two young lovers from rival New York mafia families.


ROMAN MONTUCCI and JULIE CAPULETTI are young lovers with a problem. Their fathers’ are rivals who run separate mafia factions in Corona, Queens, New York and have a deep hatred for each other. When Julie was eighteen years old, her father LUCA sent her to live with his sister in another state to get her away from Roman and threatened to disown her if she ever contacted the boy. Young and fearful of her vicious father, she complied. Five years later she returned to New York unbeknownst to Roman. Luca agreed to allow her to return home under one condition; she is not to contact or see Roman.
While playing bocce ball with friends Roman learns that Julie is back. Julie’s brother TINO and Roman’s best friend MARIO get into an argument over the bocce courts. A fight ensues and Mario gives Tino a beating. Nonetheless Roman makes arrangements to meet Julie secretly at a friend’s home. They rekindle their love. A few nights later Tino is shot and killed on the street. Luca is convinced that the killer is Mario and vows revenge. CARMINE MONTUCCI, Romans father, sends Roman and Mario to a secret location on the coast of the Carolina’s. While hiding out Roman misses Julie and becomes forlorn. He arranges for her to join him. Happiness ensues but it is short lived when Roman learns that Luca found out where they are and is sending two hitmen to kill Roman and Mario. Roman explains the situation to his friend Beau, a good’ol boy who runs Carmine’s gambling rackets in the Carolina’s. Not long after the hitmen arrive; Beau makes them disappear.
In the meantime Luca is killed and New York’s mafia commission reorganizes the Capuletti faction under a more amiable leader. With peace restored, Roman, Julie and Mario return safely to New York. Roman tells his father that he wants to marry Julie, quit the family business and move out of New York. Carmine approves and gives Roman his blessing. During their elaborate wedding reception the young lovers sneak out and head south to begin their honeymoon and new life.