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Workplace Drama

Genre: Workplace Drama

Status: Script Complete
61 Cent$

In middle-management level corporate America, two brilliant senior IT professionals grow weary of corporate injustices of the good ole boy network. When reports to HR are fruitless, they quit their corporate jobs, create a groundbreaking app that revolutionizes the market. Their old bosses take notice and devise a plan to take over the company.

Diana Person was born and raised in Southern California, that forced her to find her own way in life - fast. As a young and motivated teen, she landed a job as a Computer Support Technician, exactly what she needed, foot in the door – up the corporate ladder, a smooth road to success, or so she thought.

Andrea Simone Brewington. was born in Manhattan, New York, but raised in Kingston, Jamaica by a Southeast Asian Indian father, and an African descent mother. Jamaica is a huge melting pot of nationalities where the motto is “Out of Many, One People.”