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Re: Currently seeking original screenplays





Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I would like to submit our feature-length screenplay, Hell Is Other People, for your consideration. It is a minimalistic pressure cooker about homeless advocacy in Los Angeles.
Logline: Five eccentric, formerly homeless Los Angeles misfits forge a unique friendship and mission and become advocates for the homeless community, and along the way they each learn what it means to find a home.
Please let me know if you would to read the synopsis and screenplay. Thank you.

Anthony Mark Happel

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello there,
Please take a look at the log line below.
Discovery of fifty two stalae in a sacred Mayan chamber reveal the future of Mankind which comes with the horrendous self destruction, but there is hope; it is Beyond Atlantis.
The synopses and the scripts are ready, and the scripts are adapted from my published novels, “Children of the Sun Beneath the Centuries” published in June of 2006 in the USA. ISBN: 0-9778205-1-3, and “Children of the Sun Beyond Atlantis” published April of 2012 in Turkey, ISBN: 978-605-87309-5-3.
I have readied alternative scripts for:
• Five part feature movie scripts.
• A shorter, two feature movie scripts--story begins differently, ends the same way.
• Fourteen episode TV series scripts.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Ali Ataman

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

KITCHENWERKE is an innovative, open minded resource for content including four complete original registered screenplays with several more in the works. Rewrites and adaptations are welcome. Please visit our website for details.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

In this regards, allow me to offer Log Lines from four screenplays I have written, for your kind consideration.

“A Robin Hood Christmas”

A cross between “Robin Hood” and “Scrooge”.

Logline: Three small town teens, their leader a run-away orphan, buy gifts for the needy with an “illicit” credit card and have them sent anonymously.

“Where Was I (When I Was Where I Was)”

Logline: It’s hard to stay in your own world, when all these other worlds keep
taking you for a ride. Hence, the simple innocent meets the fantastic. Our hero gets
unwittingly zapped with the ability to travel to “other worlds”, which makes him feel, he must right himself quickly for his own peace of mind, as well that, malevolent forces seek to usurp this power from him for their own evil gains.

“Spy Wars”:

Attempting to conquer via revenge, hence getting
others to destroy themselves.

An unknown entity in an attempt to obtain power, assassinates various competing spies. A theory that one will blame the other and seek revenge, thus creating a spy war.

“The Last Great Sales Convention”: (a Comedy)

Log Line - A simple yet profound mix-up of matching suitcases, one with stolen U.S. Military contraband,
the other with women’s underwear, thereupon spreading further complications in its wake.

Synosis/synopses &/or completed registered script can be received upon request.

My work has been produced on the Hollywood Stage. Also: I have been Head Writer
for an Educational Video Series, have been a Screenwriting Scholarship Recipient at
20th Century Fox, B.A. Theatre Arts.

Charles Jose Noriega
4007 Portola Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Helllo,I have written a full length screen play I wanted to know if you would consider reading.Chill hill an nursing home comedy set in modern day time.a recently retired couple decide they want something to do when they retired.hurriedly rushed into the business without even telling their two twin daughters.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Dear director of developments,

I wish to submit my feature length action screenplays "Town of Guilt" to you for consideration.

Town of Guilt:-A contract killer returns to his old habits when a rescue operation makes him loose his best friend.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you'd like to read the scripts. I'll send you a copy immediately.

Best Regards

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

The book became a documentary. The documentary got picked up by Netflix, PBS and Amazon Prime. The story became a movie script. True story. World War Two. Augusta Chiwy was a Belgian nurse who volunteered to risk her life treating badly wounded American soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge. She formed a dynamic working partnership with a white American doctor from Vermont that endured for 75 years. Her story remained unknown until a British military historian discovered it and campaigned to get her the recognition she deserved. The Belgian king awarded her the highest honor and a documentary about her courage won an American Emmy. Her character appeared briefly in the TV series "Band of Brothers".The script is ready.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi there, I have multiple feature length action screenplays. Here is the log line for of them

Town of Guilt:-
A contract killer returns to his alter ego when a rescue operation makes him loose his best friend.

If you'd like to read the script, please let me know and I'll send you a copy.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Will Schmitz
P.O. Box 272
Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795

Here's a features resume. I also have seven shorts: "The Devil" is an adaptation of the De
Maupassant story in which a cheap businessman with a dying mother, under the direction of the
local doctor, has to hire someone to "watch over" the dying woman. The businessman wants to
pay as little as possible, the woman he hires, equally flintly, wants to make as much as possible.
The hireling frightens the dying woman to death to get more money‑‑after which she placidly
goes about making the funeral arrangements.

"Cartoon" is about a crazy‑lady neighbor who, under the influence of prescription drugs, feels
talented and creative. He long‑suffering husband is ordered to leave the house to buy cat food.
While he's gone, a hapless vacuum cleaner salesman comes to demonstrate his latest model. She
drugs his coffee and begins abusing him‑‑is on the verge of doing the man strange and fatal harm
when the husband comes home, sans cat food, and becomes the victim of her
derangement instead.

"The Man Who Killed the Devil." A middle class man who conjures in his basement manages to
summon up Mr. Scratch. The man makes a modest deal, thinking to test the repercussions. He
wants his good‑looking but slow‑witted teenaged daughter's intelligence amplified. Although a
modest deal, the devil collects full measure.

"Hotel" six to eight minutes of strangeness set in one room with a cast of three.

“Card Game” is a suicide card game in which the loser of the last hand has to find some other way to end existence.

“Next Up” is about a ‘wannabe’ who finds himself zapped into an unexpected next state of being. Twist ending.

"I Bug, But Not Bee." Three bugs try to defend Pascal's greatness while hacking away at
Descartes‑‑tho they lose control about what they're talking about.

I also have a one act play, A Fake Novel in the Life of Rimbaud, and a monologue spoken by
Sam Johnson.



Blue House
A group of investors out to manufacture a career for a Bardot
like nymphet are foiled in their plans by the roguish brother
of the producer.

Just Friends
A hellcat heiress with a fiendish family suckers a softie into
marrying her so she can inherit a fortune.

Divided & Conquered
Two screwy scientists amplifying the intelligence of primates get
involved with a pair of women who monkey with their research.

A Day On Avalon
A group of well set middle aged men sneak away for a fun weekend
without the wives but are caught.

No Honeymoon
A 'blocked' movie score composer drags his agent through a series
of misadventures while trying to relocate the muse.

Vapor light
A ringer is sent to a microelectronics convention and is pursued by
interested parties for the secret of his invention.

9 ½ Weeks meets After Hours as a toy designer finds himself
involved with two women who do things with his body that it's never had
done to it before.

Dead Soles
Los Angeles burns down. Very moving.

The Live Death Network
Satire of television programming ala 'Network', but funnier.

Damage Control
Parody of popular genre films.


In the Passionate Dust
A twisted post‑adolescent Californian poisoned by the decadent
atmosphere of his environment loses himself.
Nightmare Street
A 20th century witch lures the youth who is to become another Henry Ford
into her home so that she can destroy him.

House of the Dead
A juxtaposition of 'kill the poor' and 'eat the rich' points of view set
in the serene countryside.

Seamy Valley Daze
Teen thieves intercept a diamond heist and try to keep the take.

Wheel of Fire
High school wrestling in Iowa ala 'Hoosiers'.

The Far Field
Graduation day in a small Iowa farm town in the mid‑70's.

The Man Who Became a Woman
Adaptation of the Sherwood Anderson short story.

Adaptation of the Joseph Conrad short story.

The Bohemian Girl
Adaptation of the Willa Cather short story.

Shakespeare's Richard III
The backyard, Richard III as Homer Simpson, version of this
once great piece of literature.

The Lost World of Willis O'Brien
Biographical script based on the inventor of stop‑motion animation,
most famous for King Kong

Based on the Theodore Dreiser short story.

South of the Slot
Based on the story by Jack London.

Friend of the Devil
The Devil bites off his thumb, turns it into a femme fatal and sends her
to earth.

Killer Clucks
A government science experiment spawns a dangerous freak.

Out for A Bite
Vampires run a home for runaways.

The Feed
Vampire clans try to get off blood and end up slaughtering one

Raw Recruits
A creature that needs to feed its young living victims
injects them with a fluid that makes dying pleasurable.

Planet of the Zombies
Aliens stranded on Earth find human

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


Hope you are well.

I’ve got a blood-curdling mystery thriller called The Wallet.

‘When a man returns a wallet, he becomes subject to torment, is accused of murder, instigates the re-opening of a cold case, and partners up with an evil entity from a Parallel Zone who tries to sabotage the investigation.’

It’s ‘Mary’ meets ‘Delirium’ and ‘The Crow’.

I would love to have you take a look at the screenplay.
Thanks in advance and let me know.

Best regards,
Patricia Shannon

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Dear Producer, I have recommended full feature film scripts in genres: War, Action, Horror and Drama.
Here are some log lines and I will gladly send you a script or more, if they interest you.
Happy to sign release forms. Many thanks for your time and consideration.

Breaking Tom - Drama 95 minutes. Queensland based. (Also as a novel, 71,500 words.) Log Line: A resourceful 17 year-old has his mum walk off the property and his dad drown. He escapes slavery from a “kind” helper, defeats a land grabber and catches up with his persecutor.

Tom Hartleys War - A Withoutabox winner 99 minutes of fast paced Action. Low/Medium Budget
Log Line: A determined young soldier plus three mates and two pretty girls escape fallen Singapore to get vital Japanese war plans to Australia through 3,000 miles of jungle and stormy seas causing mayhem en route.

Devil’s Breed: Horror. 94 minutes. Audience: 15+ worldwide. High Concept. Low Budget
Log Line: Two young city slickers find their remote hideout farm is surrounded by a Satanic cult and must outwit the Devilish Cult leader and his Witch to survive sacrifice and other horrors.

Where’s My Boy. Action/Thriller PG 107 minutes. Audience: Worldwide
Log Line: A tough impulsive mercenary hunts the predatory slave trader who has snatched his young nephew before he disappears forever. Mum, ex S.A.S., joins in. (High Concept)

Best wishes, Michael Faunce-Brown mrfbrown@hotmail.com

Recommends from Wescreenplay.com

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have recommended full feature scripts. Please respond briefly if interested. You were timed out.

Screenplay Query

Hi Dear!
I am a professional violinist and composer. In 1998 I released a CD titled “Gypsy Spirit” which features my original compositions. I used my music to produce stage shows with various dance companies across Canada. In 2017 I added a libretto to the Musical dance productions of “Gypsy Spirit” and now have completed a Musical Dance film script titled “Gypsy Spirit.”
Please find a short pitch below for your review.

Title: Gypsy Spirit

Genre: Magical realism, Music Dance, Comedy-Drama.

Log Line: Cursed to perpetually wander, a group of present-day Russian Gypsies summon the spirit of an ancient Persian King to remove his curse.

Pitch: Through the magical powers of a Gypsy psychic, King Bahram V of ancient Persia is conjured from 1600 years in the past. He reveals the Indian origin of the Gypsies and why he cursed them to wander around the World. The Gypsies beg King Bahram V for forgiveness, and entreat him to release them from his curse. The Persian King is intrigued by the modern world and decides to remain in the present travelling with the Gypsies. An unexpected love story plays out between a Russian Gypsy girl and an outsider culminating in an impromptu wedding.

Twelve original musical compositions for violin intersperse the action. These are written in a classical Gypsy-style typical of the dances and songs of Gypsies living in Russia during the 20th century.

Please indicate whether “Gypsy Spirit” has piqued your interest. If so, I am willing to send you my screenplay via email, along with audio samples of my music.
However, if this production is not of interest to you, kindly refer me to a producer who might see the potential in such a production.

I can be contacted via email, phone or post at your earliest convenience.

Warm Regards,
Serguei Tchepournov

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a horror comedy with excellent coverage. "Oh Deer" - When killer zombie deer unleash a hilarious reign of terror on a small town, an underachieving Park Ranger, her enthusiastic trainee and a college veterinarian student must step up and defend the townspeople before they become the endangered species.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I am a Full Professor at the School of Artsand Sciences of Ilia State University (Tbilisi, Georgia).  I'm a PROpublished screenwriter and a winner of a few contests. IMDb link https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3700950/ I don't have an agent at this moment. Myscripts and plays were produced in Georgia, Europe and USA. I've done a fewawarded educational and political documentaries at BBC TV.  My full length drama screenplay “Butterfliesin the wind” was filmed by Cinema Classic (Hollywood). It was introduced to theCannes market. It also was invited to Ava Gardner Film festival in 2007September.
I offer you BACK TO LIFE.TIME       - ModernLOCATION      - Georgia, USA LOG LINE - The script is abouta Caucasian mummy, who wakes up in the laboratory in USA.MESSAGE    - Human are always the same, time and spacedifference is not important.GENRE   - HIGH CONCEPT Creative Comedy. The main hero is a veryunusual person Zevakh -a mummy who awakes after millenniums. He respects allmodern values. He doesn't understand life without love and he returns into lifeonly with love. The script begins with asmall piece of period in “Uplistikhe” - "the lord's fortress", whichis an amazing ancient rock-hewn town in Georgia, built on a high rocky bank ofthe river. In ancient period this city had a theater.  The performance is at atheater. The young actor about 30 (Zevakh) wears a caricature mask of Cesar,and dressed in a Roman-style tunic. He notices Romans watching him whisperingsomething to each other. He quickly leaves the scene and sprints through thestreets with a large leather satchel around his neck. Three men in Romanuniforms are in hot pursuit…  Zevakh isslowed by the sand. He leans back. The night is coming on. He closes his eyes.The wind comes up, the sand begins to shift and drift over him... Night falls.The ages pass. A young Americananthropologist – Nancy accidentally finds a mummy in Caucasian Georgia andtakes him to USA. As a result of her and her nurse’s mistakes the mummy(Zevakh) awakes up at the lab.  Nancy takes Zevakh to herhome and helps him to integrate into the modern life teaching him almosteverything including English. She takes care of Zevakh, which assumes thatNancy loves him. Nancy wants a Noble prize, but she has to find out what reallyhappened. Nancy’s colleague John is jealous and actively opposes her.  The journalists spreaddifferent kind of information about Zevakh and his origin. Italian mafia learnsfrom the press that Zevakh knows the ancient drug preparation methods, and theyhunt Zevakh.   Zevakh learns from Nancy’sbothersome and naive neighbors that Nancy is not in love with him, but she hasjust a professional interest. He leaves Nancy’s flat, meets many new people andnew situations, has a few funny adventures. Finally Italians take him toGeorgia in order to find the right plants and ingredients for the drugs. Theythreatened to kill Nancy, and Zevakh plays his first role after ages... butthis game ends unexpectedly.  The script has the surprisingtwist: the begging and the end are the two sides of one coin.   This is a commercialscreenplay with elements of art criteria. Project must be filmed in USA and Caucasian Georgia.  Concerning the filming in Georgia – it isfree from taxes. This country is a perfect locations with 5 Geographical zoneswith snow peaks of the Caucasus and alpine landscapes, amazing sea beaches,deserts and subtropics, caves and cities in the rocks and natural caverns, bluelakes and mountain rivers, with European and oriental cities plus verysupportive and talented local actors and crews.  The script has the surprisingtwist: the beginning and the end are the two sides of one coin.  This is a low/middle budgetcommercial screenplay with elements of art criteria.  FREE LOCATIONS and thecheapest filming are available in Georgia (5 geographical zones available insmall region) – with the highest International standards of course. Filming inGeorgia (http://filmingeorgiatoday.com/)is free from taxes and with a very supportive local crew.  "BACK TO LIFE" byProfessor Tamar Makharoblidze will successfully satisfy any marketing demands.It will be entertaining with a low cost of production.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  MGM  AUTOR 2006.07.12.(© WGA  REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1110331 DATE 1/31/200611:46:39 pm)
Looking forward to hearing from you.Best regards, prof. Tamar Makharoblidze

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello my name is Jimmy...

I am a screenwriter and to date I've created 17 titles (mainly dark comedy, suspense/thriller, horror and supernatural/fantasy) I have 12 movies, 4 TV shows each with multiple seasons and 1 miniseries but I'm just getting started!! If you are seriously looking for scripts please know I am ready, all scripts & ideas are not only fresh but original. 561-894-8343 Jimmy Duhs (Pronounced Deuce)

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I have a grounded sci-fi/drama screenplay that was a recent PAGE awards finalist and wondered if you'd be interested in taking a look.


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi, I hope my sci-fi Planet X might be of interest:
A planetary consortium is about to call time on the failed rehabilitation project it founded on Earth several thousand years ago. Two brothers, separated by space, try to convince their authorities that the 8 billion humans deserve one last chance.
I hope to hear from you.
Kindest regards,

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Title 'Still Life With Bees'

Logline: After selling his business to an American company, Jack Brandt copes with cancer recovery and semi-retirement by becoming a beekeeper in the foothills of Southern Alberta. The story follows Jack through a beekeeping season as he and the bees intersect in ways that help him cope with family life and business challenges.

I wrote this screenplay as a writing exercise a few years ago. It's been on the shelf since then, but I'd love to see it turned into a movie.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello my name is Jimmy...

I am a screenwriter and to date I've created 17 titles (mainly dark comedy, suspense/thriller, horror and supernatural/fantasy) I have 12 movies, 4 TV shows each with multiple seasons and 1 miniseries but I'm just getting started!! If you are seriously looking for scripts please know I am ready, all scripts & ideas are not only fresh but original. 561-894-8343 Jimmy Duhs (Pronounced Deuce)

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

My screenplays are posted on network.isa.org

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

A true story that will change American History. Exposing it for the lie that it is.Never before was The American public ready for the truth.The Brown Red Black true American Story.
My familycame here in1576 I have documentation on all of my characters. How the people of color Eon the American Revolution
.Private Spanish land grant 2760000 Acres. Some one in my family has been in every War here in americaAll officers mayors etc. Many historical fogures will be included. And tell the true American history story. It has been being writen for over 60 yrs. Some of the actual events include The American Revolution Won at the Battle of Pensacola florida.When Spanish,french , Native Americans,And Black soldiers won the Revolution.
America steals spanish and native American land.The civil war.The Alamo,The long Walk. the desamation of the buffalo kill off indians food supply.Billy the kidd.The new slave. Individuals..... My Family One being one of the Tge 4th familyrecorder by ponce deleon to reconques after driven out by pope. the american revolution General Galvez George washington The Antonio Sedillo land grant Personal from King of Spain 276000 Acres Supreme Court Acknollaged 860000 Only to loosevthe land . The Comanche Chiracawa.Geronimo The long walk. Billy the kid my grt grt is listed in the real true life story of billy the kidd.By Pat Garrett 2 times
He also trained the Buffalo soldiers lincoln co.NM The New slaves Inticed out of NM and beat murdered in the White Gold Industry.Sugar. This Book will have Block buster success.It Must be revealed Every person of color will want to see this Major Motion Picture... Ron Sedillos

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Please email me if of interest.



Two Evils Meet, Yawm Jamiil.

TWO EVILS MEET. One hundred and twenty eight pages. Suspense. This is a story about the President of the USA and the President of Russia. Due to their pride and stubborn behavior concerning military matters, both their countries are on the brink of a nuclear war. However, the two Presidents are captured by a secret organization and taken to an underground base in Papua New Guinea to settle their differences. With failed attempts, the two Presidents are made to fight it out among themselves.

YAWM JAMIIL(Beautiful Day). One hundred and forty seven pages. Adventure Drama. At a time where there is uncertainty in the world, terrorism, nuclear build up and wars in parts of the middle east, I believe this screenplay is suited for our times. Yawm Jamiil is a story about true human love. Situated in the outskirts of Dubai and Oman.
A local in his early fifties, is making his way back to his camel farm. He findes a young English boy laying on the sand suffering from dehydration. The local Hedaia, takes him back to his shack and cares for him. As the boy is also suffering from amnesia and can not remember his name, Hedaia gives him a new name after the day itself, Yawm Jamiil(Beautiful Day). The two develop a close relationship. However, Hedaia is informed by a good friend that a husband and wife and the young boy were out sightseeing in the desert and their four wheel drive had broken down. The couple died of dehydration. As the search for the boy intensifies, Hedaia quickly sells his possessions and takes the boy with him to his cousin's farm in Oman, on the outskirts of Muscat. There they develop a father and son bonding.
Years later with false documents, Yawm Jamiil is off to oxford University where he meets the love of his life Andrea. As they are making wedding arrangements, Hedaia after many years has been taken into custody in the prison of Muscat for the Kidnapping of Yawm Jamiil.
The story ends well but has a twist that will make the audience cry.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi Travis, please contact me if still wanting screenplays.


Michael mrfbrown@hotmail.com

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a complete script about campus politics and love.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Good evening
I would love to have the opportunity to submit my logline/ Synopsis to you.
The script is based on a real story and set in Kenya.
Thank you in advance,

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I hope this finds you well.

My name is Lacy McClory. I am responding to your post regarding your need for a feature screenplay.
I have a variety of highly developed scripts that may pique your interest.
Please contact me directly to further discuss.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Lacy McClory

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


Dana and Matt have been friends for years but after one evening their friendship soon becomes a dangerous cat and mouse chase, and their once friendship will never be the same again.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Director of Development

I have a synopsis of my script if you are interested in reading.

Yours sincerely,

Debora Elford

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a series pilot that is Christian/Spiritual based. It has a strong female lead character. I have a talented, beautiful, and award winning actress attracted.

Genre: Suspense. TWO EVILS MEET. One hundred and twenty eight page script.

Guest Producer
I am currently looking for screenplays to finance and produce. I have access to many established actors as well as high level casting directors. I am teaming up with a veteran producer who has over 100 feature films to his name. We have multiple upcoming feature films in pre-production and have recently secured financing to add a few more scripts to our slate.
This is a story about the President of the USA and the President of Russia. Due to their pride and stubborn behavior concerning military matters, both their countries are on the brink of a nuclear war. However, the two Presidents are captured by a well funded secret organization and taken to their underground base in Papua New Guinea. Chen a Chinese woman in charge of the interrogation, teaches the Presidents the lesson of pain. The Presidents are tortured by an electric shock but still do not come to terms. They are placed in a boxing ring to settle their differences with no result. Finally they are given a weapon with rubber bullets and made to go outside in the rough terrain to battle it out. Eventually, battered and bruised, the two Presidents are sent home only to find out that the Presidents have formed an alliance. World order controlled by two superpowers.

Genre: Comedy, Drama. DETECTIVE JOHN WOP. One hundred and two pages.

Guest Producer
I am currently looking for screenplays to finance and produce. I have access to many established actors as well as high level casting directors. I am teaming up with a veteran producer who has over 100 feature films to his name. We have multiple upcoming feature films in pre-production and have recently secured financing to add a few more scripts to our slate.
Detective John *** is not the normal detective movie we see. Detective John *** is a man in his late fifties, scruffy, abrupt and carefree.

After serving six years in prison, Jason wright was released on parole. Twenty kilos of heroin was found on his premises. Inspector Monash received accurate information that in fact forty kilograms was involved. Inspector Monash assigns Detective *** to investigate.

Jason Wright,a man in his mid forties, tall well built, strong, who knows his rights does not budge. The two have many arguments and battles to the extent that Wright makes plans to rid of the Detective. However, as time goes by encouraged by Jason Wright's new love Lisa, who has a short fuse, encourages Jason to get back on board with Detective Wop. The three develop a shaky and argumentative path. As the battles continue all three come to the same conclusion which Wright had insisted from the beginning. Corruption in the department.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi there,


Here's a portfolio of my writing. Contact me if you're interested in working together.



Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a script ready to go. It is called "Haunted Reflections" based on fantasy,drama, action and adventure in medieval times plus it is a series too. The script is two films into one so you can easily make two films. With another seven more to add on the list as well. I can send you a query letter along with the script. I look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew J. Wilding

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have adapted the award-winning novel Clara Callan as a screenplay. Here's a quick synopsis:

In the midst of the Great Depression, two unmarried sisters struggle against convention to find their unpredictable lives engulfed with passion, violence and injustice as
they search for personal and emotional fulfilment.

Clara Callan peels back the surface of society to reveal the darkness and the demons lurking beneath - confronting issues that no one dared talk about at the time - abortion, rape, suicide, depression, lesbianism, religion and the repercussions for women who defied expectations and strayed outside convention.

Based on the acclaimed novel by Richard B. Wright, the story opens in 1934. With her mother long dead, her father recently deceased and her younger sister Nora off to New York in search of fame and fortune, Clara Callan, an unmarried schoolteacher, faces a lonely struggle to find her rightful place within the strict boundaries of small-town Whitfield, Ontario. During one of her long solitary walks, Clara is raped by two drifters. Pregnant, she turns for help to her sister Nora who is now enjoying a rising career as a radio soap opera star in New York City. A back-alley Harlem abortion is arranged by Nora’s lesbian friend Evelyn.

Back home, Clara has a lingering affair with a married man and becomes pregnant yet again. She ends the relationship but decides to keep the child. But this decision has repercussions. She loses her teaching job and is forced to find work in a nearby town where whispers of her “soiled reputation” have not spread. Yet the birth of Clara’s daughter, Elizabeth, saves Clara’s life. With her new responsibility for another human being, she can no longer afford to obsess on her own life. In a very real sense, she is at last...free!

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Through Hell's Gates
In 1823 Alexander Pearce would have done anything to return to Ireland and the love of his family, so he escaped from the most-vile prison on Earth.
Chained in his Hobart Town jail cell, Pearce begins relating his tale of escape to the Rev. Robert Knopwood, minister and Magistrate in Van Diemen’s Land during the convict era. From here we journey through a tale-within-a-tale as Pearce and six other convicts escape from the brutal lumber camps of Macquarie Harbor.
Pearce and the other members of his lumber gang pile unto the rain forests of Van Diemen’s Land without food, maps, hunting gear or even a compass. Almost immediately the men quarrel and a power struggle ensues between Dalton, an ex-soldier and Pearce’s friend, and Greenhill, an old mariner and holder of the group’s only tool and weapon: an axe; forcing the group to all but split into two camps. As the 200 mile journey progresses, Pearce and the escapees descend into a savagery to match their surroundings and their true natures: the men begin to kill and eat each other amid a murderous, twisted gang hierarchy, presided over by the maniacal Greenhill and his fetid sidekick Travers. Ultimately Pearce becomes the sole survivor of the trek through cunning manipulation, tragic betrayal and outstanding dumb luck, only to be re-captured at the end of his journey.
Juxtaposed with the raw nature and violence of the rain forest trek are scenes of Pearce’s interrogation by Knopwood in the confines of his small stone jail cell. Pearce’s tale is one which Knopwood rejects with every fiber of his soul. Pearce’s savage story rips at Knopwood’s Christian conscience in ways so horrific that the Reverend sentences Pearce to 150 lashes for his crimes of escaping… and lying.
This is a true story of fierce determination in the face of oppression so inhuman that a man is brought to break the most fundamental laws of existence for the slightest chance of escape. Combining intense characterization, drama and a vast and unrelenting wilderness, this is a visceral mix of scenic majesty and dark kinetic energy.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

The God and His Angel
Love is Madness
The two greatest film and stage icons of their age meet on set, become illicit lovers and then marry. Separately they are gifted with beauty, talent, charisma, poise, intellect and prodigious creative force. Together they become show business deities to the millions around the world who watch spellbound by the magic they contrive. Ultimately celebrated as the God and His Angel; Laurence Olivier, Britain’s greatest Shakespearean actor and Vivien Leigh, dual Oscar winner as Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire and Scarlett in Gone With the Wind are the power couple of their era.
It’s 1953 and Olivier has invited long-time friends for a weekend at his stately mansion, Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire. Olivier starts the one and a half hour’s drive from London with Noel Coward, Britain’s most celebrated contemporary playwright, famous for his wit, charm and musical comedy. Coward loves ‘Larry’ Olivier and Vivien in his own unique style. Along the way they join up with mutual friends Douglas Fairbanks Jr and his wife Mary Lee who have settled in the UK. Fairbanks the outrageously handsome Hollywood star and war hero is now a charming and urbane TV presenter. Mary Lee, a supermarket heiress is a conservative American but like everybody else, is captivated by star quality. Supporting the events of the weekend are Caroline the bookish but warm hearted maid and Rollie the rustic but virile estate worker.
Larry and Vivien’s lives have become progressively more tumultuous as Vivien is progressively possessed by the demons of her lifelong bipolar condition. She has been recovering from a total breakdown when shooting Elephant Walk in Ceylon with Peter Finch. The heat exacerbated her mental illness and Vivien fell into Finch’s willing arms. Ultimately the film was remade with Finch and Elizabeth Taylor; while Vivien had temporarily lost her mind and her career. Olivier was obliged to rescue his wife and bring her home to the Abbey to recover; this is where our story begins as Vivien seems well enough to receive selective guests again and Olivier endeavours to pick up the pieces of their lives. What transpires next, condensed across the weekend is a microcosm of their remaining lives together bound by a unique mutual obsession simultaneously destructive and redeeming but lived with an intensity that matches both these colossal forces of nature.
By the time the weekend is over Vivien has been forced into shock therapy while later Olivier, totally out of control has hurled her across a room almost causing her death. Coward has tried but failed to bring some peace and harmony to the weekend. Fairbanks and Mary Lee have been compulsorily dragged through a weekend from hell and tested in ways they never expected. To make matters worse Finch feverishly tracks them down and challenges Olivier over Vivien. Amid all this a new stage play is planned starring Olivier and Vivien as if a return to old habits will cure the malaise of their marriage but the die is cast.
Finally we come to know that this great love is madness but then what great love isn’t?
A romance with dark comedy
Bernie O’Regan and John Gandley

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I know that your post was months ago but I have this great idea that will make thousands of people laugh and it can be commercially viable. Let me know your email and I can send full treatment.

So my idea is a short story about 15 squatters living in London taking an old sad dog to a dog hotel to wash him. Dog’s Lithuanian owners left him behind because of BREXIT, they needed to go back to Lithuania. So all squatters contribute 10 pounds each to give him some love because the dog is old and no one can properly take care of him. While bringing him to a dog hotel, they encounter a rich lady at the reception who is holding small dog in her hands. Old dog, whose name is Rio and a small one, named Barbara, start playing but soon they get separated just because rich lady sees 15 squatters behind and gets scared. But one of the squatters explains the situation of the dog, that his owners left him and he feels sad so they took him to a dog hotel. Then rich lady decides to adopt the dog. She takes both of them from squatters and decides to pay for their both treatment.    It’s a short comedy about social inequalities of London and how sometimes simple dog can connect people.

I lived in squat myself and did one documentary about squatters year ago - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8hbK6iX8uc
so I have all actors and crew there in London, and I don't need big budget for this film - just money to take dog to hotel and other production related expenses. 

best wishes,Vytautas Tinteris.+1 629 202 1928

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Dear Guest Producer,

I would like to submit the script of my above mentioned feature thriller screenplay titled 'The Next in Line'. I’m a business consultant who is also a self-taught screenwriter. The life experience I gained while working and studying in North America, Europe and Africa over the past 35 years bestowed upon me the ability to have diverse and colorful characters populating my writing. This work flips the thriller genre on its head by having an active female protagonist fighting to save her hapless Prince Charming.

The log line is:
‘On belatedly falling for the target she has just completed a kidnap contract on in London, a young cartel operative battles both sides of the law in her quest to find and rescue him.’

After fulfilling a London kidnap contract on a Prince from a wealthy foreign kingdom, ROSITA, a hit woman, realizes she’s fallen for him. Before she can digest the self-revelation, her contractors dispatch an assassin her way. Defeating him in mortal combat, she then fights both sides of the law in a race across town to the Prince’s London Embassy. Masquerading her way into it, she overcomes an inevitably hostile reception from the Ambassador by pointing out missed clues in the ransom video. Impressed, he then gives her the logistics which she then uses to pinpoint where the Prince is being held at. On launching a one-woman assault on the location, she is then confronted by the plot’s mastermind, Princess ZUZU, who is the Prince’s only sibling. Zuzu, unaware that she has already been chosen to succeed her ailing father’s throne, reveals that she hired Rosita to help clear the way for her own coronation. When Rosita refuses to act in her original capacity, a fiery fight ensues in which Zuzu is defeated. Rosita then rescues the Prince only to be rebuffed by the suddenly-arrived King and slated for deportation by the British government. As the Prince argues her case, the King passes away, courtesy of the stress wrought upon him by the kidnapping. The Prince then becomes the next monarch with Rosita by his side as his Queen-to-be.

I have also published a thriller novel, 'Ugandan Affairs (ISBN 9789966259929) and am in the process of rewriting the script I adapted from it.

Thanking you for your time and hoping to receive a positive response,
I remain,
Yours sincerely,

Sira Kiwana-Lugolobi

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I am T.K. Walls, or Trisha Walls. I am not just a debut author, I am also a veteran (Military Police stationed in Germany), a nurse, a lawyer and a mother with two new grandchildren.
I work full time in health care.

Retribution is a story that I started writing several years ago. I would get busy and put it up but it was never too far from my mind. In fact I still carry the zip drive it is on in my purse !

I came close to throwing the manuscript away. A co-worker asked to read it and the resulting review surprised me. It was actually good !
I completed it about 6 months later. I submitted Retribution to several publishers.

I was fortunate to get a publisher for "Retribution." It was released on 9/24/2019.
The ISBN is 978-1-950906-10-9
My publisher is Indigo River Publishing. I have retrained the rights to the book and my percentage is 40%.

Retribution is physiological thriller with setting in Europe and the Unites States east coast.

Reviews are excellent, all 5 stars. This story is very good, and is entered in several literature contests.

I would love to talk you with you or someone you suggest within your organization about a book signing opportunity.

I can also send you a copy if you would like. A preview is available on Amazon.
Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and numerous other book stores either stock it or have access to the book.

It is published under T.K. Walls

Thank you

Synopsis: Killing was exciting, and as he grew older, it gave him a purpose. But the urges stopped the day Rachel
moved in next door. She became his best friend; no one was more important to him. Rachel remained
his one true friend until the day she died - when the plane her husband was piloting inexplicably crashed,
killing most of her family.
When a second plane crash takes the life of Rachel's surviving daughter, Seth's thirst to kill again awakens.
As he searches for the reason behind the tragedies, he begins to discover a grisly truth - one that renews
his sense of purpose and prepares him to unleash retribution on everyone involved.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

A womanizing jazz piano player runs into the wrong woman and finds himself in a conspiracy to commit murder. He's seduced, threatened, forced into hiding, abducted, and beaten by an assortment of characters whom he believes to have been contracted by this woman's husband in jealous revenge, but in fact, are all Hollywood actors who've been engaged by the lady herself in an attempt to pressure the MC into accepting the idea that his only option is to murder her wealthy husband before he gets taken out himself.

I'm an ex jazz singer who now runs a business in Los Angeles. I know the world that is represented in Poolside.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Genre. Western.


Tag line.
Fair Faith or Fear Fate.

Log line.
Two men on their own journeys, cross paths in the middle of nowhere; in a lawless town; only to have to join forces, in order to make it out ... Alive.

An honest and fair lone traveller, stopping to rest in a small remote town, modestly intervenes to help another traveller when a younger brother stirs trouble. Now, unable to leave town due to fear of being hunted in open lands, the two men decide to stay and await the arrival of big brother and all his men, in hope that they can fight their way out and continue their journeys: One man aiming to get home to his loved one and start a new. The lone traveller, to continue as planned, but having the option to return after finding love himself in the midst of the drama; whilst also gaining the towns trust and respect after helping a few others in need; including members of the posse whom reflect the lone travellers background and upbringing.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a complete script. I registered it with the W.G.A. The script also has coverage from a Hollywood producer

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I'm a London based Script writer originally from Iran, written 6 feature scripts as well as one as co-writer which is under production now.

Below you can find the log line and treatment of one of my scripts which is very low budget. It's a very engaging script with a lot of opportunities for great acting. This comes from my background and experience as a stage actor and actors' trainer.
Please let me know what you think. I'm happy to send you more details and the whole scripts.

Broken, 37

An estranged dad who sees his 7 years old son once a week, is turning into the same age as his father was when he was born. Having being at this age a life time fear, he thinks he needs to talk to his father after 25 years to find the answer to all questions that he cannot find in all kindness, love and sex around him.

Brief synopsis:

Michael is turning into his 37. When he was born his father was 37 years old. It has been always his concern to get to this age and to feel how this age is. He wants to feel how his dad was feeling when he was born. His dad left them when Michael was 7 years old. He hasn’t talked to his dad for about 25 years. His wife has separated from him and he can see his 7 years old son just once a week. His son doesn’t like him. Michael hates his dad. Heritage. Ghosts.
The script portrays Michael’s struggle for getting close to his son by knowing his father or by knowing why his father left him. Michael cannot understand why his son doesn’t like him. He thinks he must find the basic problem between his father and him. He likes his son. It’s obvious. But did his father like him too? And if yes why did he leave them? How is it possible if a man leaves their children? He doesn’t even know what was wrong between his ex-wife and him. It’s like he doesn’t know anything about anything. He doesn’t know his son, his dad, his mum, women in general and so on.
He has no photo with his son. He has some sex offers from his girlfriend, his colleague, and a stranger. He knows very well that sex can’t help with his problem. He feels totally confused these days. The worst is that he believes nobody understands him. He believes that everyday a new problem adds to his previous ones. He MUST see his father. He has the KEY of his father’s home. He must know about his father’s feelings about himself to work out his relationship with his son.
Talking to girlfriend, colleague, sister, mum, ex-wife, a stranger and finally his father don’t help. But he finds something new through all of them. Forget about the past. See what really you can do. Do that.


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a completed script. Original and unique. A professional Hollywood producer gave me positive coverage .

Genre: Suspense. TWO EVILS MEET. One hundred and twenty eight page script.

TWO EVILS MEET. One hundred and twenty eight page script.

This is the story about President of the USA and the President of Russia. Due to there pride and stubborn behavior concerning military matters, both there countries are on the brink of a nuclear war. However, the two Presidents are captured by a well funded organization who have an underground base in Papua New Guinea. The appointed member Israel with the help of others, storms the White House grounds and captures the US President. The President is brought to the Washington Channel and placed in a specially designed submarine. Submerged into the water, the President is nowhere to be seen. The appointed Javid, with the help of one of his colleges Vadim and a teem of ex special forces soldiers, not only captures the Russian President but place him in a specially designed oil line cleaning pig which is pushed through to China.

After days of hardship and and tension, the two Presidents reach their destination. With failed attempts to settle their differences, Chen the Chinese women in charge of the interrogation, teaches the Presidents the lesson of pain. The Presidents are tortured by electric shock but still do not come to terms. They are placed into a boxing ring to settle their differences with no result. Finally they are given a weapon with rubber bullets and made to go outside in the rough terrain and battle it out. Eventually, battered and bruised, the Presidents are sent home. Li Jun the man in charge of the secret organization follows his gut feeling and gives the order to evacuate. As the members are walking away they hear the sound of missiles. Turning they all witness the base being destroyed. Li Jun sadly tells his people that the mission has failed. Li Jun now feels that the two Presidents have formed an alliance. World order, controlled by two superpowers, No freedom.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

A young woman tries to save her family from a gang of psychopaths while protecting the horrifying secret hidden beneath her feet.

Low budget horror spec script. One location and minimal cast. Email me for script.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a feature film screenplay, called FOLLOW UP, which has been winning a few prizes at festivals and competitions, and I am now looking for producers interested in buying the project.

Logline: Over the course of an interview with a young music journalist, a broken and reclusive rock star reveals the secret behind his mysterious disappearance twelve years earlier, finding surprising inspiration for a possible comeback along the way.

I have 15 years experience as a film writer, novelist and freelance film journalist, for outlets such as Total Film Magazine and Film Inquiry.

If there is any interest in reading the screenplay, please don't hesitate to contact me via my email address: writeherewritenow80@gmail.com

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi. I have a horror full-lenght name THE HOUSE IN THE FIELD tham I'm trying to sell. IF you wpuld like to know more, please emeil me. cesare.dimensionzero@gmail.com


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