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Horror comedy with excellent coverage - "Oh Deer"

When killer zombie deer unleash a hilarious reign of terror on a small town, an underachieving Park Ranger, her enthusiastic trainee and a college veterinarian student must step up and defend the townspeople before they become the endangered species.

In tone, “Oh Deer” is a horror-comedy that’s light on horror but heavy on comedy, reminiscent of “Zombieland.” In a small, peaceful town, nestled within the confines of a majestic state park, with its towering trees and lush vegetation, a killer lies in wait. A couple of college girls camping in the park are the first victims. But to what? The only thing that is certain is that whatever it is, it’s deadly and it has fur. And it may or may not be on steroids.

“Oh Deer” is a story about people. Parker, the new Park Ranger trainee, an enthusiastic young woman with a fondness for firearms. Delaney, a college vet student just looking for some extra credit. But most of all it’s the story of Flynn, our hero, who has under-performed radiantly throughout her life. She’s the best Park Ranger the town has and shoo-in for the Head Ranger position, if she wanted it, which she doesn’t. It’s about a young woman who has the power of leadership forced upon her by circumstances out of her control as they try to figure out why traditionally docile deer are attacking. The situation goes from bad to worse when Flynn gets bit and Parker literally smokes the deer with a flare gun. But when the mangled deer comes back to life and escapes into town to join the others as they begin their murderous rampage through the annual Harvest Festival, can Flynn handle the responsibility?

With a perfect blend of comedy, heart and horror, “Oh Deer” is an original take on the creature feature with characters you want to save the day. If “Jaws” kept you out of the water, “Oh Deer” will keep you out of the woods. Or at least make you want to bring a bigger gun…

"Oh Deer" has received excellent coverage.