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Nick, a one hour series dramedy

After another successful night of bringing joy to believers all around the world, Santa is suddenly awakened to find that the North Pole is melting at a frightening speed.
The Reindeer are separated on an iceberg, the Elves are panicked and Santa must rescue everyone before it’s too late.
Can they be saved from disaster? Where will they go - America? Can Christmas survive?
Is he a hero? A saint? Selfish? Or, is he just lucky as hell?
All of these and more, but really, he’s just

The Main Characters are:
Nick; immortal but looking 40-ish, complexion and race is a combination of Africa-American and Caucasian, Latino and Asian. Nick has portrayed Santa for generations in the traditional role – overweight, jolly, wearing the traditional Santa garb.

Sandy; Nick’s wife. Originally looking and acting like a mirror image of Santa (Nick), Sandy begins to wonder what a more modern woman is like. As the series progresses, Sandy begins to transform sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Mrs. Claus has an epiphany of her existence due to a THC-laced caramel Macchiato.Her new world is opening before her eyes, and her possibilities are endless.

Elves; All shapes, sizes, ethnicities. The only distinguishing physical characteristic of the Elves are the colors of their eyes which are bright greenish/blue. Hard-working, cheerful and innocent, Elves are true to Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Bob; Head Elf. Smart (and he knows it), sarcastic and annoyed by everyone, Bob marches to the tune of his own drum.

Brandt; small town Eager’s Police Chief and Mayor, views Santa as a freeloading cult leader and a threat to his dominance as the most popular figure in town.