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No budget feature (Faith based ) 5 characters. 4 locations

Drugs and alcohol destroy a successful Network Engineer’s family. He reunites with his family and rebuilds his life with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous.

OLIVER makes a business deal that equals financial success for him, his five-year old daughter INEZ, and his wife GEORGIA. His excessive drinking leads to a car accident. The family is separated when social workers investigate the car accident. Guilt ridden recovering alcoholic and case worker, LENARD CORNILIUS accepts Oliver’s case and personalizes it, because he killed his son, JUNIOR while driving under the influence of alcohol several years prior.

Alcohol soon leads to harder drugs. Oliver’s drug addict, co-worker, MILAN provides him with heroin. She administers the drug intravenously. For several months afterwards Oliver numbs his pain with Alcohol, cocaine, and heroin.

Oliver meets, drug dealer MAURICE and a panhandler, DOPE FIEND during his downward spiral of alcohol and drug addiction. Oliver loses his job, put’s Inez in harm’s way and sells his body to men in order to keep a steady supply of alcohol and drugs.

Oliver loses his Corvette, and his house. He is forced to seek shelter in a rooming house. Oliver’s addiction gets him evicted from the rooming house. Oliver seeks shelter in a homeless shelter. The homeless shelter proves to be too dangerous for Oliver. Oliver ends up living in BROOKLYN’S Prospect Park. Milan dies of an overdose and Maurice is murdered by the police.

When Oliver hits bottom, he attempts suicide. His failed attempt at suicide leads to the beginning of recovery. Lenard Cornilious sponsors Oliver. He morally supports Georgia and Inez. The only payment Lenard Cornilious asks for is that Oliver helps another addict.

FAST-FORWARD: One year, Oliver has been free from active addiction for one year. Oliver celebrates his anniversary. He has brought Dope Fiend to the celebration in hopes of giving her the gift of recovery.