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Patrice & Mr. Williams

Log line

I would like to submit a romantic comedy called Patrice & Mr. Williams for your consideration


Log line: Just when you thought school was boring...

Patrice &Mr. Williams tells the story of Patrice a girl at high school and the hilarious exploits of her teacher Mr. Williams.

One of the students, Patrice,is obsessed with one great looking guy,called AJ,but when Nyzhere,a nerdy looking guy in class,shows her a frog... everything is about to change. Maybe if Patrice gives Nyzhere a kiss he'll turn into a charming prince or maybe even a vampire? And who is Nyzhere really?Is he just a nerd or a super-rich stud?Patrice is about to find out.Prepare to be surprised by Patrice & Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams is madly in love with Ms. Parker,but he thinks his hopes of love are crashed when Ms. Parker discovers that he's been wearing a toupee all along.Poor Mr. Williams. His day is about to get a lot worse as his students run riot and Principal McNair comes after him.

Filled with amazing and incredible surprises,laugh -out-loud moments, and a whole cast of engaging and quirky characters, Patrice & Mr. Williams is a hilarious comedy centered around Patrice and Mr. Williams adventures at school. This is a story about being true to who we are and who we love with a helluva lots of laughs along the way.

If you are interested in this story,please let me know and i will send you a copy of the script Patrice & Mr. Williams.

Best regards
Cherie Maxey