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The Precedent

Log Line: Define democratic dictatorship.


The coup d’état in Portugal takes place while a group of friends - from a Section of Special Forces fighting the terrorists in the north of Mozambique - is still young, wild, carefree.
“Colonial” War is Over!
A strange sense of adventure drives them to Rhodesia abiding by the ironic motto of; “The Struggle Continues” to realize they have turned into Mercenaries.
World democracy brings-in Rhodesia’s independence.
Next battle ground shifts to South Africa. The language advantage, combat expertise, they are presto deployed to the Angolan front.
World democratic nuance force the South Africans to pull out of Angola. The fight goes on for UNITA.
They are not there out of ideology. They are out there on account of money, and the diamonds.
Like in many-a-odd-job, you cannot be a dog, forever in a war. Governments refuse to admit you exist. Tyrants fear you. Contractors rob you of recommendation letters.
You become obsolete. Anachronism. When age, common sense catch up, you know you’d better have saved for clear days in the concrete jungle.
Civil war is over, they return to Mozambique to settle themselves. Legally.
World democrats are distracted as a mystery guideline imposed busts businesses. Discord is implemented.
Like in Plan B and Synergy cliché, they look around for alternatives. Get hold of old friends; collect favors from connections in the mineral world; international operators.
As mineral alternative materializes the need for a Project Financier arises.
When Financier appears, and puzzle pieces fit in, they are ready to move on.
And then... “Project Leader” feels the need to have part of sequence film-documented. Not in stereotypes of “Setting an Example, Sending a Message” whatever, rather out of impulse.
He gets hold of a scoop-obsessed Correspondent who used to cover their bush “Adventure.”
Media Man is relieved to hear he is not to be involved in an Unprecedented Project. He has only to recruit an Editor in a small newspaper, the Producer of a likewise TV Station.
Freelancer pays the request no attention.
The Leader’s conflict is stressed by the fact he is used to hunt down armed terrorists not sitting ducks.He wants to convince himself through the reporter his future action is acceptable.
Trauma deepens, develops.
His twisted mind establishes weird analogy to the time when he is out in the bush hunting terrorists, shooting wild animals to improve the diet of his platoon.
Furthermore, he knows only too well unlike marijuana, uranium ore processed into yellowcake cannot be used for medicinal purposes.
A ball, sized the surface of a baseball, can fission. No wonder governments worry about miniatures.
His lieutenant tries to dissuade, distract him on usual:
“Forget it. Think of what they did to us. They had it coming. Think in terms of payback.”
When they meet again Pressman confirms his suspicion. To his horror he finds out Detractor-Perpetrators are executed in macabre Sequence. Like in bush hunting.
His terror mounts. He is now privy that unbeknownst, the “prey” are discreetly filmed going about daily routine, and ‘shot’ along ‘shooting’ executions.
Back home the ex Mercs hire a Pro Documaker. She sets off onto bush interviews probing into Human Condition.
Recording how Afro-African competitive labor lived.
Taping how impoverished Negro families survive upon the collapse of the whole industry.
Cross-cutting: Flashback of factories at Inauguration Day; present updated Segment of factories crumbling down; film from interviews.
Facts sequence-in-evidence, on classic Before and After Exposition. Scenes from execution, flash-forward like in Transition.
What they need now is to attach the talent of a Pro Producer, polish up Post Production, doctor a docudrama, screen a “compelling, moving, touching” high concept Live Action Short Film.
A Foreign Award-Winner maybe...