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Confessions of a Class Clown: A former high school class clown looks back on his life

I have written a 102-page comedy screenplay which might be best described as “Ferris Bueller meets Porkys’ meets Seinfeld meets American Pie.” It is based on the life of a ”class clown,” who went from pranks like sending his fellow students home with a flyer stating that the school would provide condoms for the upcoming prom to ordering free samples of adult diapers for the principal and making sure that the front office announced their delivery on the intercom, to painfully funny situations in college, to writing for a Saturday Night Live like “Weekend Sketch Show,” including a never aired “Saturday TV funhouse” like cartoon that the Weekend Sketch Show decided not to use entitled “Superboobs.” The Superboobs are the breasts of an attractive, slow witted and well-endowed co-ed who are also irreverent self-aware crime fighters.
The logline is: A former high school class clown looks back at his life, from high school pranks to college Yippie activism, to stand-up routines and a career writing for a weekend comedy sketch show.
If you are interested in seeing the script please contact: richrblake1@gmail.com