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Seeking Producer for original Western feature.

Genre. Western.

It's High Noon meets Lethal Weapon.


Tag line.
Fair Faith or Fear Fate.

Log line.
Two men on their own journeys, cross paths in the middle of nowhere; in a lawless town; only to have to join forces, in order to make it out ... Alive.

An honest and fair lone traveller, stopping to rest in a small remote town, modestly intervenes to help another traveller when a younger brother stirs trouble. Now, unable to leave town due to fear of being hunted in open lands, the two men decide to stay and await the arrival of big brother and all his men, in hope that they can fight their way out and continue their journeys: One man aiming to get home to his loved one and start a new. The lone traveller, to continue as planned, but having the option to return after finding love himself in the midst of the drama; whilst also gaining the towns trust and respect after helping a few others in need; including members of the posse whom reflect the lone travellers background and upbringing.