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H I D D E N (A Story of Love, Betrayal and Revelations)

I wrote and produced a short film in 2010 entitled “Blind Colour”. The story is about a tragic experience I had that no child should have gone through because of the color of their skin in 1955, Portland, Oregon, where racism was so pervasive. I also produced a documentary called “Healing Grace”.

I have the imagination to envision what a script will look like after it is made into a film and accurately judge the response it will get from the public when released.
You can review my films on my website http://www.7northeastproductions.com.

I have written a new story called H I D D E N (A Story of Love, Betrayal and Revelations).

Tina and her girlfriend, Sophia, are jogging at the park. After completing their run, they depart and go their separate ways. Tina is walking and reading messages on her cell phone. Someone bumps into her. Her phone falls on the ground. A man picks her phone up and hands it to her. This is the beginning of H I D D E N.