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Feature length comedy screenplay - "Senior Wedding."

Confusion is an understatement when three young prospective brides have only forty-eight hours to assist an eighty-year-old woman prepare for her wedding.


After three young prospective brides in Laura’s wedding gown shop offer to assist Lillie, an eighth year old prepare for her wedding, it is revealed that they only have forty-eight hours to provide her with artificial nails, coloring and styling her hair, performing anti-aging beauty treatments and selecting lingerie for her honeymoon. While all of this is transpiring, the turmoil is compounded with an attempt by the seamstress in the wedding gown shop to fit a glamorous but over-sized wedding gown to Lillie’s frail and unattractive body. With little time to spare just before the wedding, Lillie and her fiance appear separately on a local television show, Married Before and Again. Here, Lillie recounts a string of hilarious experiences when she was pursued by womanizers throughout her life, while her fiance conveys the humorous accounts of when he tried to introduce himself to Lillie in a supermarket and when he asked for her hand in marriage. During the wedding and while the wedding reception is in progress, the stress levels finally subside and the traditional celebration of the couple’s marriage is not without tender moments and tears, as Lillie’s eighty year old husband attempts to sing a song written by him to honor his bride.