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A screenwriter for a sci-fi feature film

I have several projects in pipeline, and now I seek screenwriter a sci-fi (Cyberpunk)/action/thriller/drama. I'm looking for a writer to write a screenplay of my idea. (I produce and direct the film and I'm part of the writing process) I am looking for a talented writer with own style/voice. Film is very commercial & entertaining, but dives deep. Story goes to deep psychological and philosophical thinking and take critical stands on society/politics/religions. Someone with heavy metal/rock music knowledge is preferred and you know well the social media platforms of today. Influences: Blade Runner 2049, Children of Men, The Matrix.

To be considered, please send a cover letter, resume & samples

Deferred payment

Re: A screenwriter for a sci-fi feature film

Mr. Anton,

Thank you for your time, hope all is well. My name is Gil Cuevas, and I've written an 86-page sci-fi/horror script called, "Full Spectrum".

Logline: Doctors race to save a five-year-old before her synthetic genes transform her into a monster.

Brief Synopsis:

MARY rebuilds her life after the loss of her first child to an illness.

Mary hears about a process by which she can have a genetically perfect child and decides it will complete her life.

Four, years later, and Mary doesn't get along with her "super-kid", ABBY. During a fight, Abby falls down the stairs and is seriously injured.

Abby's doctors discover that the network necessary for the synthetic genes to communicate, and thus conduct repairs, is missing. They will attempt a risky system reboot in a race to reclaim control of Abby's genes.

... and then there's the squirming mass, rapidly growing inside of Abby.

And why is the vial of Abby's "network pills" - the one that just fell out of her Mary's purse - full and expired?

That's kind of it in a nutshell. Thanks again for your time. Please contact me if you're interested in reading it.


Gil Cuevas