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Offering movie rights for three of my novels of choice

I know we are all going through some tough times and I'm no exception. The past year has been spent in and out of Children's Hospital for my daughter requiring numerous life-altering surgeries. Now I'm going through a separation from my husband and I need the ability to relocate my girls and I. So I'm offering the movie rights for three of my novels for a contracted price of $500,000. Four of my novels have hit #1 on Amazon (those are included in the choices) and I'm currently working on my YA dystopian series, End of Crows, that will hopefully be premiered at the Denver ComiCon in July, should we find our new normal before then. That series will not be included in the choices of novels.

I currently write under three names. RaeAnne Hadley is reserved for my sweet romance. R.A. Lingenfelter is my paranormal/thriller and A.M. Myst is my romantic suspense/mystery. Below are the links to all three of my author pages.


I thank you for your kindness with the subject matter above and am happy to answer any questions that you may have. Stay healthy and positive.
RaeAnne Hadley