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Original Film script-Hero of Paris

I am an independent writer, I've written a movie scripts--Hero of Paris
This story is based on real historical events (the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015).
A group of terrorists attempted to launch a large-scale terrorist attack in Paris on November 13, 2015, and hijacked the French president who watched the football match. A young man (orphan, police father died on duty) accidentally broke in and found the plot of the terrorist attacker. In order to stop the terrorist attacks,The brave young man, alone and in-depth, launched a life-and-death fight with the armed terrorists, assisted by the police in Paris Next, Bertrame, with the help of his friends and in cooperation,not only allowed Paris to enter the anti-terrorism alert in advance, also Shooted dead a number of armed terrorists. and have successfully reduced the number of terrorist attacks from 14 places to 7 places, Stopped the plot of armed terrorists to attack the French President, avoiding the death and injury of more innocent people.In this terrorist attack,the people of Paris,, in the face of terrorist attacks, facing the crisis of life and death, struggling to fight, unite and help each other.

characteristic;Anti terrorist attacks,wrestle,gunplay,French boxing

Re: Original Film script-Hero of Paris

The theme of the movie

This is an era of heroes, They are some ordinary people that unknown to public. Maybe they are right beside you and me. TThey don't look at all impressive. But when the terrorist attacks happen, when the crisis comes, when you and I need help, she, he, will stand up and save the world without hesitation,help us.

He, or she, is among us,
Just a civilian hero.

Re: Original Film script-Hero of Paris

Era: 2015
Locations: Paris


Terrorist Attack, Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense, Crime Thriller, Action Thriller, Adventure Drama, Detective Film,

Based on true events leading up to the terrorist attacks in Paris, 2015, a French young man discovers a massive terrorist plot targeting Paris, the hero that stopped them from being far, far worse.saved many multiple almost sacrificed his life.